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    Retaining data after updation of Windows OS from 7 to 10

    Want to know how to retain & protect existing date on your PC before upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Let our experts provide step by step guidance.

    I want to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 and i got this opportunity but the installation is pending because I am not sure that the data in C drive of my laptop will be lost or remain in my laptop after upgrading to windows 10.
    Please let me know how to protect data as I don't have an external hard disk too.
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  • Microsoft has stated that all your files, applications and settings will be migrated to Windows 10 as part of the upgrade process. However, there may be some exceptional cases where you may lose some of your files. I would advice you to back up everything that you would not be willing to lose. It would ensure that your data is not deleted accidentally.

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  • I would recommend you to have a manual backup of all your improtant files that you won't wish to loose before upgrading your Windows OS.


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  • Windows 10 offers an option to upgrade from Windows 7 and it retains the rollback option for 30 days. Windows 10 if performs upgrade won't touch your Windows 7 settings and files for 30 days. After 30 days it makes Windows 10 settings default and you can't rollback changes.

    I suggest making manual backup of the Windows 10 settings and files. If you make backup of files in external hard drive then if upgrade goes wrong or if you want to revert back to Windows 7 then you won't have any issues with your existing data.

    You can do either Cloud backup or backup on external drive.

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