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    Which is best Indian Antivirus program? Why?

    Are you looking for buying or choosing best Indian Antivirus program. Find the latest Indian Antivirus program list from our experts.

    Antivirus program is must required program for any computer. The purpose of Antivirus program is to make our system secure and safe from viruses, malware, adware, etc. There are number of Antivirus program available in market and has great capability to remove different kinds of viruses. I want to know "Which is best Indian Antivirus program? Why?".

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  • Here is a list of top 10 antiviruses:

    1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

    2. BitDefender Antivirus

    3. Trend Micro

    4. Norton Antivirus/ Internet Security

    5. McAfee Antivirus

    6. Panda Antivirus Pro 2009

    7. ZoneAlarm Anti-virus 2009

    8. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    9. AVG Antivirus

    10. F-Secure Antivirus 2009

    Kaspersky will be best among other anti-viruses as it is on the top in list.

  • NPAV Net Protector is purely Indian based company, head office located at Pune, Maharashtra, India. NPAV Net Protector 2013 is the only one popular Indian antivirus program. NPAV Net Protector offers great features like PC Scan, Firewall, Delete Temporary Files, Registry cleaner, etc. NPAV Net Protector antivirus program is now coming with many more new features. On an average 25% of Indian are using NPAV Net Protector antivirus and is growing at a faster rate. When compared with other international brands, NPAV Net Protector antivirus need to improve more. NPAV NPAV Net Protector antivirus is very economical comes for 400 - 999/- Rupees (rates may vary market to market). This is the only one advantage of NPAV Net Protector antivirus. Other products from NPAV are,
    1. Net Protector AntiVirus for Laptop Edition
    2. Net Protector AntiVirus for Network/LAN Edition
    3. Net Protector AntiVirus for Server Edition
    4. Net Protector AntiVirus for Corporate Edition
    5. AntiSpam for Mail Server
    6. AntiSpam for Single PC
    7. PC Optimizer 2.0
    8. Web Secure

    You can find more information about NPAV here,
    Forgot to mention one more popular Indian antivirus program, Quick Heal. This antivirus program has great features to protect our PC. Quick Heal Total Security is one of the popular product in Indian market. Quick Heal is some what much costlier than other antivirus programs. Quick Heal has great international presence and growing very fast. Quick Heal antivirus program has various versions for use, the pro version is very economical for home user and comes for Rupees 999/- only. You can see more information about Quick Heal antivirus program here,

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  • I don't think there are much Indian companies into data security, so the best Indian Antivirus should be Quickheal. If you want complete protection for your PC and are ready to pay some money for it, you can try the following:
    1 Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security are the best security suites available in the market today.
    2 McAfee security suite which provides encryption, firewal and email security
    3 Kaspersky Internet security.
    4 Bitdefender Total security.

    If you prefer free protection, you may try:
    1 AVG free antivirus
    2 Avast free antivirus
    3 Avira antivirus free

  • Antiviruses are perfect solution against viruses and it is an essential need of a computer, smart phone, tablet and almost all new products. To protect your device from viruse it should be ensure that the antiviruse you are using is efficient to protect your device from viruses. Hence you can safely operate your device. Here I will provide the details of some latest antiviruse software which will be more helpful for you. The first preference is for Kaspersky antivirus 2013. It is one of the famous and trendy antiviruse which is available in the market. It protects your device from almost all viruses including worms and trojen. It will detect the viruses automatically and it is easy to install and operate. This antivirus Kaspersky is costly and it is priced around $60. And it will also give you a three user license. The next one is AVG anti-viruse. It one of the reputed antiviruse software which is available in the market. It supports repairing, scanning and removing viruses from your device and it also creates a barrier around you device to fight against spyware and malware. If you opened any file in which viruses are present then it will send a viruse message to you. From this you will be aware about the viruses and hence you can fix that. It costs around $35. The next one is BullGaurd antivirus which is the cheapest when compareing to other antiviruses. It also supports detection of malware & spyware and it will also remove the viruse from your device. It is having many tools and those are very easy to understand. The price came around $30. The next option is Panda antivirus. It is one of the most popular antiviruse globally. Panda is perfect to detect viruses and trojens. This software is having a very good rating in the market. It is priced about $40.

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  • According to me, the best antivirus program free of cost in India is the one and only avast antivirus. It is really a great security provider to the laptop/PC and also can be registered for about 30 years by using a free registration key. Also, it gets automatically updated within minutes whenever you connect your laptop or PC to any internet source. So, it is really a great antivirus program.

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  • In my opinion, AVG and Avast are the best Antivirus programs available in market. And I am very much sure about these two as I am using both of them for many years. Few years ago, a virus completely vanished my system's data and there after I used AVG antivirus which is working really well for many years. Later on I also tried Avast on my friend's system and that is also working very nicely for last one year. Their database, program updation and viral recovery is very quick. Though Avast takes sometime to display desktop items after getting regular updates but AVG never lets you wait anymore and does its all processing at back end. So, I find AVG on top.

  • At my point Microsoft Security Essential is the best antivirus program for the system. This antivirus program keeps the system in normal speed rather than other programs disturbance. I have using this Antivirus for the past two years. It is updatable software from the Internet. For every 7 days once we need to update the software for better use. The size of the software is very low when compared with other Anti-Virus software's. The Updating time period also is very low when compared to other software's. The virus threads could be easily found and deleted from the system. So these are the reasons why I say Microsoft Security Essential is the best Anti-Virus program for the system.

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    In my point of view there are many antivirus are available on the internet. please check the list of the antivirus.

    List of antiviruses:
    1.Avast anti virus
    2.ESET NOD32 Antivirus
    3.AVG anti virus
    4.Kaspersky Internet security
    5.Bitdefender Total security
    6.Trend Micro
    7.McAfee Antivirus
    8.Norton Antivirus
    9.F-Secure Antivirus
    10.Internet security
    11.Panda Antivirus
    12.ZoneAlarm Anti-virus

    You can installed one antivirus in a time in your PC or laptop.

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  • First of all I want to know whether you are using a genuine window or you are using a pirated window. If you are using a genuine window and you are having an internet connection then Microsoft Security Essential is the best antivirus for your system. I bought my laptop in 2011 and since then I am using this antivirus and my laptop is completely secured. There is no need to waste money for buying any antivirus as you are doing so.
    But if you are using a pirated window i.e. your window is not genuine, then this software will not install in your window. Then you can try various free antivirus software which are available in various software websites. But these antivirus software are not completely free. You can use them for a valid period of 15 days or one month and after that they expire and ask you to buy it. But you can find completely free antivirus software in the blogs of hackers. These hackers create a crack for the antivirus and it become completely free even after the expiration of the trial period.
    But if you are using a genuine window then there is no need to waste your money in buying these antivirus software. Just go to "" and download "Microsoft Security Essential" software and install it. After installation it will use your internet connection for update and then scan your whole computer. If any threads are found they it will ask you to clean them and if no threads are found then green color will appear on the window and a message will appear saying "your computer is safe".

  • McAfee is the beset antivirus program which is available in India. And, most of users are using this antivirus software.
    Yes, there are some other antivirus program available in India. But, those are not that safe when compared to McAfee antivirus.

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