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  • How to know if AdSense approved or not

    Confused about whether or not your AdSense account has been approved or is still under review? Dispel your confusion with expert knowledge here.

    I started my Hindi website in Feb 2015 as Google Adsense is now supporting Hindi language too. So I applied for Adsense on 1st april and recieved welcome email for 1st step aproval. As I know minimum domain age should be 6 months but this is not a thumb rule so I applied but after that I never received any email regarding 2nd step approval.

    Second time when they did not give me any response till 2 months, I cancelled my old account and re-applied for adsense with new email address on 21 June 2015 and this time I got no response from adsense, not even about 1st step approved. But I was able to login to dashboard and placed ads for second step and with this account I earned 2 $ by custom search adsense but like previous also this time they not replied me for 2nd step and i there is no issue with robots.txt file and my site is not blocking any of their bots as I checked with webmaster. Also this time they never responded me about second step approval.

    Third time again I cancelled my old account and re-applied for my website and this time domain is of 6 months and everything is okay> I applied on 18 AUG 2015 and after 3 hours I got welcome email with only subject that they reviewed my application but in body section email was empty. I created ad units and I saw that ads was live on my website and in reports there was 142 page views too in adsense reports but suddenly after some time ads disappeared. Now I on't have any way to know is my account fully approved or not and what was the meaning of ads showing on my website for a short while. There is no notification about my account, that it is in hold or in review or anything else.
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  • It is really unlikely that the Google AdSense is not replying you back. They are very prompt in replying whenever you contact them.
    There might be two three possibilities for such a condition.

    1.Their response might have gone to your Spam folder.
    2. You might not have gone through their guidelines and they don't approve a second account.
    3. So, if you are able to place ad in your website, it looks like it was approved somehow.

    So to ensure what might have happened, try to establish a contact with their customer care and preserve the copy carefully.

    I hope this would let you know about your status.

  • Google is strict about their customer service. They will definitely reply you either with good news or bad news.

    At the approval of your Adsense account you will get congratulatory mail from Google about approval of you Adsense account.

    Note : - You will need to place to place sample ad codes on your website/blog before approval.

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  • The thing about adsense is that in order to understand if you are earning from the system, you have to wait for the clicks. Unless the clicks are registered on your system, there is no way to understand whether the account is active or not.

    Google adsense forum is active and you can discuss most of the issues on that forum. Just make sure that you read their terms and conditions.

    I'd say contact the adsense user forum first. Tell them about your query and ask them where to contact. After that you can try other means of contact. Most of the adsense users can get the support on the forum itself. Another thing is that avoid showing your RPM and account ID using screenshot. This way you don't violate the terms and conditions of Google adsense.

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