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  • Best scooter for mileage, style, speed and maintenance

    Planning to buy a new two wheeler scooter? First check out this Ask Expert page for the reviews and suggestions on the various models in terms of mileage, style, speed and maintenance.

    I want to buy a two wheeler scooter. Can you tell me which is the best to buy among all the scooters available in India in terms of mileage, engine speed, style & low maintenance? I would like to know specifically which is best among Activa all three models and Hero Maestro or Alpha or Mahindra Rodeo.
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  • There is tremendous competition in market among companies people get confused which one to chose .The possibility to carry luggage, easy maintenance and a rather low sticker price compared to an actual motorcycle are just perks that add to this comfort. But once you are in the scooter market you are greeted with a lot of options and over the past two years almost every manufacturer has announced and launched multiple versions of scooters into the market. As from my point of view or from my experience scooter should have good balance ,superb mileage and extraordinary looks . I think that you can find all these things in T VS Jupiter. As compare other scooter it has big tires 12 inch usually scooter have 10 inch tires . It depends upon the how he drives there is Eco and power mode if u can drive easy and smooth you can get great average if u drive rough then its difficult to get a good average, low maintenance price easy to drive because of its good balance ,superb shocker does excellent work don't have to worry about rough road . you can use it on daily basis and can go for long journey with no hesitation .

  • I have bought Activa as it fit my needs of style, mileage and speed. It is also good on highway roads too. Though earlier models were heavy, the new ones are not much so. And you can find them giving good mileage too. In fact compared to most of the TVS models, the Activa seems to be giving good performance. I'd say test them out on your own. Make sure you are comfortable driving them. See which matches your personality, pocket and performance. And then decide which one to go with. That way you don't have much confusion in mind.

  • There are many options available in the market. But as far as my experience in that field, I would recommend to buy the Activa. It has all the features which a person needs in his/her scooter. It has good top speed, good mileage and a very stylish look. I have used for a long time and it served me very well.

  • As Hero Maestro, Alpha and the Mahindra Rodeo are not much good scooters in terms of mileage, style, speed and maintenance so I recommend you to go for the Activa. As it is one of the best, popular and very good in terms of mileage, style, speed and maintenance. I have also used it for a long time and it served me very well.


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