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  • Compare Microsoft Edge vs Mozilla Firefox

    Not sure whether to work on Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browser? Let our experts explain the comparative features of both to help you decide.

    The new Microsoft Edge browser is there with the new Windows 10 OS. I would like to know comparative features with Firefox and suggest which would be the best one to have.
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  • The differences between the two browsers can be listed in a systematic way as below –
    Firefox needs a really stronger internet to be able to load pages faster. Microsoft Edge is designed to load webpages faster even when the internet speed is not good enough. It wirks really well with JavaScripts.
    Ability for extensions
    If you need to experience easy surfing, the extensions tend to be very helpful and necessary. Edge falls too short of expectations when it comes to the support for extensions. Even Firefox is not great in managing extensions (in comparison to Chrome), yet it is one of the best.

    Ease of use
    Firefox is better than Edge in this respect. It has great customization options. The layout is user friendly. On the other hand, Edge tends to be hectic while using. It lacks customisations.

    Other features
    As far as special features are concerned, Firefox takes the lead in comparison to Edge. However, it should be noted that it is not the best when one compares it to Chrome.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Edge is the latest release of browser from Microsoft, whereas Firefox was long in the business of Internet Browser.

    With almost millions of user worldwide, Firefox managed to get great fame whereas Edge browser (previously know as Internet Explorer) was defamed due to bad performance and some lacking issue.

    You must know that 70% of Mozilla Firefox users are from countries where speed of internet is very good such as US, Hongkong, etc. you will find almost everyone using it. It is a net hungry program but besides it, you will get everything out from the webpage. Every picture will be loaded with high quality and everything will be perfect.

    Microsoft Edge browser was targeted to slow internet and fast internet as well. You will not feel lack of performance while using it on a Windows machine. Either you have a slow internet or a faster one you will definitely love performance of it.

    Firefox regularly comes with improved design. Recently, They launched a new version of Firefox in the favor of Windows 10 which will feature a windows based look. You should definitely check it out.

    Edge browser is made to work on Windows and comes with completely same design as it. You will feel like you are using another Windows app while using it.

    Mozilla Firefox comes with a vast range of Extension whereas there is no extension support in Edge Browser. You will definitely feel lack of it which will make you mind to go for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    Best for Developers
    If you are a Web Developers then Mozilla Firefox will stand up to your needs. It is said to be the best Internet browser in the market for developers. You can easily download few extension and can churn out your need from the browser.

    Edge browser is pretty much basic browser. It lacks in Developers support. Microsoft should pay serious attention towards this matter.

    Final Verdict
    Mozilla Firefox is far better than Edge browser but if you live in a place where you get slow internet speed then Edge Browser will be better for you.

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  • There are many features for Edge like you can choose which browser rendering engine to use etc. In case of firefox you don't get that features. That being said if we find the right test then it is possible for such tests to compare for feature.

    Edge and Firefox seem to be doing on entirely different way in HTML5 tests. For example firefox performs fine with that test however Edge is still performing like IE. So the score is really low compared to the firefox.

    Resource wise Edge is not much resource hungry like firefox. I think firefox needs to be stripped down to basis things. This way webkit based browsers and firefox can be equal resource management.

  • In a simple words, I can say that both (Firefox and Edge) of them can't chase Google Chrome browser but Edge can help for touch integrated latest devices to run / browse faster than other browsers.

    Mozilla may run faster when it is using as single browser on any system and may start to function slow when someone uses multiple browser at a time. For example, if someone uses Firefox and Edge or Chrome at a same time on the same gadget then one of them started to behave slow or hang whereas other browser like Edge vs Firefox behavior on latest touch integrated device has no issue to run same time.

    As said, using Edge alone in latest Smartphone or laptop can help to run fast even though internet speed is slow but the case is different for rest of the two browsers on slow net connectivity.


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