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    How to know who is monitoring our computer screen

    Worried that somebody may be monitoring what you work on? Learn from experts if there is a way to know about who may be monitoring your computer work.

    Is it possible that someone can see or monitor our computer screen from remote via net connectivity? The question is just because of I worked in a company where we used to give our User ID and Password of that company provided and later IT department will check our system from remote area without coming to our desk. But, this question is for our personal computer screen than official one where we don't give any User ID and Password but monitoring our system by unknown persons.
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  • Well, there are many spy softwares available which can be used to spy on or monitor a remote computer. I am not sure whether it can be done without the user name and password, yet I presume it should be possible by cracking the credentials using advanced hacking tools.
    Check your computer for the installed applications. If you find anything like VNC, RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC, LogMeIn or GoToMyPC , chances are that your PC can be hacked into.

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  • There are many RAT Tools which can give access to your PC if you are infected. If you installed or opened any unwanted file then it will open a port and let the tool connect to you. Later on they can use your PC as you do.

    Recently, It was also disclosed that NSA is now spying on PC. So, you should know that they can anytime watch on your PC if they find anything suspicious.

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