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    Does Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G support OTG cable?

    Planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G? First know whether or not it supports OTG cable.

    Galaxy Grand Prime 4G is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and have 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, expandable memory up to 64GB with micro SD. OTG facility is also very essential, but not all smartphones have this facility. So does Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G support OTG cable or not?
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  • As per the specifications given on the official website of Samsung there exists a Micro USB port on this Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G Smartphone.
    To connect an OTG USB device the basic requirement is of the Micro USB port.
    OTG means On-The-Go and this helps us to connect another device directly i.e., without any help of a PC or Laptop. So this helps to transfer, add, edit as well as delete data within the USB connected device.
    So, according to this Micro USB and OTG concepts, this device should support the OTG cable as well as the OTG pen drives that are currently available in the market.
    Now days some pen drives are equipped with both USB and Micro USB connectors which help us to directly connect them to our Smartphone's and Tablets with the use of Micro USB port.

  • A clarification to the above response here. Mere existence of a microUSB port does not ensure OTG support. There are devices which have microUSB connectivity option, but lack USB OTG. Samsung does not seem to have come up with any information on the availability of this feature. You may need to wait till further details are available.

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  • As of now the Samsung Galaxy Grand prime 4G does not supports the OTG functionality or connectivity but a future update can be expected. Sadly the users will not be able to connect their external USB drives to it then.


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