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    Is there any heat issue with OnePlus 2 ?

    Want to know whether the OnePlus 2 heats up when working on multiple tasks with it? Check out whether or not there are heat issues with this smartphone.

    OnePlus 2 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, which should perform well with your gaming and regular usage. But nowadays the main issue is heating problem. When you multitask or play any hardcore game the mobile heats up. So is there is any heat issue with OnePlus 2 ?
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  • Snapdragon 810 is known to have heat issues. One Plus has claimed that it has been working in close association with the Qualcomm engineers to provide a customised processor for the One Plus Two. A better improved version of the chipset has been integrated which makes the phone "cooler than ever" to use the words by One Plus.
    Thermal gel and graphite has been layered on the processors. This graphite is said to be effective in dissipating the heat generated by the processor evenly, thereby avoiding the concentration of heat at one place. So, the phone is assured to have no heat issues.

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  • No, there is no heat issue with the OnePlus 2 smartphone. It delivers a smooth performance with the help of its powerful hardware specs.

  • No, there is no heat issue faced by the OnePlus 2 smartphone. Being a powerful smartphone with great hardware specs there is no chance to face any heat issue. The users are just enjoying their HD graphics games on this device with a smooth working performance. The result has been analyzed after playing some HD graphics games myself.


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