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    How to unpack RAR files after compression

    I have downloaded a RAR file. When using WINRAR it now created a directory with little volume rars. filename.r00, filename.r01, filename.r02, etc.

    Can someone assist me in explaining how to complete this unpack. When I unpack the first one, it creates a folder with a bin and cue file. When I start with the second on (filename.r01) it wants to overwrite the file exisiting.
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  • When the files are named in numbers like that then you need all the numbers for that file. Such compression are broken down in small sizes and then connected together creates the original file. So you have to make sure that all the files are in the same directory in which you are downloading.

    If it asks for overwriting issue, it seems the ordered file requires main archive before executing the rest.

    It seems to me it could be issues with the way file is compressed. If the files are not compressed properly then such errors occur. Some of the downloading the files could lead to the errors if there is any issue during the streamed download.

  • It is a method of compression which divides file intro multiple RAR files for better and faster compression.

    1. When compressing with this method you file will split based on numbering and you will get a .exe file which will compile all these files into one. If you didn't found any file like that then you can follow next step.

    2. Select all RAR files and click on Extract. WinRAR will extract all those files into a folder.

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