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  • How to increase volume in Redmi Note 4G

    Having trouble with the low volume of Redmi Note 4G smart phone? Learn from experts how to improve the volume.

    One of my friends is using Redmi Note 4G. Since he is not technologically inclined, he needs some help. I would like to know the method to increase the volume in Redmi Note 4G. Please guide me.
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  • The speaker volume on Xiaomi Note 4G has been reported to be too low. It is absolutely inadequate for a noisy environment.
    However, check if this helps -

    1. Dial *#*#13411#*#*
    2. Go to Hardware Testing and then Audio.
    3. Choose any of these based on your need- Normal Mode, Headset Mode and Loudspeaker Mode.
    4. Change Max. Vol to a higher value and select Set.

    You may also try using Viper for Android app.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here the right and easiest steps to increase the volume level on your Xiaomui Redmi Note 4G:

    1. Type this: *#*#13411#*#* in the dialer of your smartphone and then tap on the call option.

    2. Now go to the Hardware Testing >> Audio.

    3. Now you can choose the volume as per your desire:

    Normal Mode: If you want to change the volume of the front speaker.
    Headset Mode: If you want to change the volume of the headphones.
    Loudspeaker Mode: If you want to change the volume of the rear speaker.

    4. Then change to Max Vol. for a higher value. The default one is 128, optimal is 140-145 and the maximal is 160.

    5. The last step is to tap on the Set option.

    6. That's all! If you have successfully followed each and every step then congratulations you have successfully increased the volume on your Redmi Note 4G.

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