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  • How to increase battery life of Yu Yureka

    Want to make the battery of your Yu Yureka smart phone last longer? Get the best tips from our experts right here.

    I would like to know some good tips and methods to increase battery life of Yu Yureka i.e to improve battery performance of Yu Yureka smartphone. Please guide me.
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  • There are some issues with the battery of Yureka. Follow the steps below -
    1. Check the battery status. If your status shows Mediaserver shows up as the highest battery drainer, it should mean your media storage has some issues.
    2. Go to Settings -> Apps-> All , then select Media Storage and Clear Data.
    3. Disable the app, reboot. Re enable it and reboot again.

    Apart from this, you can follow the usual methods as on any Android phone. Some of them are -

    1. Remove useless apps
    Remove any app that you seldom use. The apps have background processes running which drains battery.

    2. Limit background process
    Go to Developer options under settings and limit the background processes to a maximum 2 or 3.

    3. Avoid using too many widgets
    Homescreen widgets keep the apps running in the background. Remove those widgets which you tend to use less.

    4. Optimise sync
    Set your email sync or any other sync to a higher interval. A setting of 4 hours will be ideal.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You can increase the battery life of any smartphone with the few basic ways or methods mentioned below. Roll down to know those useful ways.

    1. Uninstall the useless applications from your smartphone. Uninstall those apps which you are not using.

    2. Limit the homescreen widgets as they surely affect the battery life of your smartphone.

    3. Remove your smartphone when it get fully charged. There is big affect on the battery of our smartphone by charging it even when it is completely charged. So make sure to remove the charger on time.

    4. You should also limit the background process as Timmappa stated you in his response.

    These were the suggestion from my side so as to increase the battery life of Yu Yureka smartphone.

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