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    Problem of audio going ahead of video content on Samsung Galaxy S4

    Having the strange problem of audio being ahead of the video content of your Samsung Galaxy S4? Our experts will provide guidance on how to fix this problem quickly.

    The audio on my Samsung Galaxy S4 active just keeps running further and further ahead of my videos. I have downloaded other video players and the problem still keeps occurring. It only happens when I need to downloaded content. The problem is fixed for a few minutes when paused or skipped ahead/ back in the video, but eventually it starts happening again. Please guide what to do.
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  • Have you had this issue right from the beginning, or has it been happening after the recent update to Android Lollipop? It has been observed that most of the users have started getting issues after Lollipop update. Consider wiping your phone completely and reinstalling Lollipop. Make sure you have backed up all your content.
    Also check whether the SD card has issues. Transfer the videos to your internal memory and try playing them.

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