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  • Advantages of Pinterest website

    Wondering whether it is beneficial to promote your blog at Pinterest? Know from experts how Pinterest can help to get traffic to your blog.

    Pinterest is one of the different social networking websites. It is more related to images or blog with images sharing source. Is Pinterest really helpful for a content related blog for promotional purposes? How to use Pinterest website effectively for increasing blog traffic? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Pinterest is one of biggest names in the social media space. It has been supposed to have an estimated ten million visitors per day. As such, it can be a better medium to reach out to more customers/website visits.

    1. It has a simple interface. It has no complicated settings.

    2. The simple nature of Pinterest attracts all sections of the society.

    3. It presents the content as images. No reading is involved.

    4. Unlike other social media networks it has no groups or teams. It is equal for firms, celebrities or individuals alike.

    5. Being a visual media, it is best suited for people in creative genre - like interior decorators, fashion designers or photographers.

    You can use Pinterest to promote your blog in the following ways -
    1. Create a board specifically for your blogs and articles. Your followers will find it easy to check your content.

    2. Pinterest relies on images. Your pins need to have a great visual appeal.

    3. Engage with your followers on Pinterest. Like you keep in contact with the visitors to your blogs by responding to their comments, keep in touch with the followers by pinning their pins in your boards.

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  • Pinterest is perfect for product branding. Let's assume you have a product or service say restaurant. And you want to reach more people, you want them to order food online. You'd take your DSLR out and start taking photos. This way you can create images of recipes and also learn how to present your dish better. People like food, travel, craft and attire topics on pinterest. So you can surely benefit from the branding on pinterest. Compared to twitter, branding on pinterest gives more awareness of the brand. And getting people to go the image viral is more easy with Pinterest.

  • Pinterest is a mobile app and web application based company, which gives the facility to the user to share their photographs.

    1. It is a free website.
    2. The registration and login to this site is free of cost.
    3. You can directly login to the Pinterest account using Facebook login.
    4. It is very advantageous for the promotion of new product.
    5. It is very beneficial for the business related promotion.
    6. You can share the photos of any product and/or people.
    7. It comes in almost all western languages.
    8. A third party content developer, web developer and mobile app developer can work on this site.
    9. This is very use-friendly website.

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