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  • How to solve heating issue of Lenovo K3 Note?

    Is the Lenovo K3 Note creating heating issues? Get expert tips on how to avoid heating up of Lenovo K3 Note.

    Lenovo K3 Note has a heating issue. It heats up if you play heavy games for longer periods of time and if we watch HD videos for more then 30 minutes the mobile heats up. Lenovo K3 Note comes with the 64-bit 1.7GHz octa-core processor MediaTek MT6572. So how to solve the heating issue of Lenovo K3 Note?
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  • Any Android device - be it Lenovo K3 Note or any other manufacturer - can have heating issues. Having such issues does not mean you have got a defective device. Most of the Android devices face the heating up because of the background processes running on your phone. Believe me, majority of these processes are just useless, yet cannot be stopped.
    Follow the below mentioned tips to stop or reduce overheating of your phone -

    1. Disable all the apps you do not use. Most of the bloat ware that comes with the phone is never used. Android has always earned a bad name due to a big number of unwanted apps. Since you have no way to uninstall them, just disable them.

    2. Games - especially the resource hungry ones like Temple Run and the extensive prolonged Web browsing can cause the phone to heat up. Limit your time spent on such activities. After all, it does not have a fan like your PC.

    3. Use better batteries. Do not go for cheaper third party batteries. They may not give you the kind of performance expected.

    4. Use original chargers. Use only those meant for your phone. Avoid any activity while charging.

    5. Use thinner covers for your phone. Bulky and heavy cases and covers may hinder the ventilation.

    6. Avoid using higher brightness. It will cause more load on processor and thereby can heat your phone up. Use a anti glare screen protector instead.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Every smartphone gets heated up when you use it for longer time. They get heated up fast when you play games, watch videos or browse the internet. You don't need to worry because yours is not the only one that gets heated up while playing games. Here are some tips below which will reduce heating up your phone.

    1. Do not install unnecessary apps. Install apps which you require only.
    2. Check your battery, SIM tray or micro sd tray. If any of them is defective, repair it.

    If the above solution do not solve your problem, you can not do any thing. If your product heats more than other products of same model then you can take it to service center. Otherwise the solution is to play games for lesser time.

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