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    My Adsense earning reached to $100. Now what to do?

    Want to know further steps after reaching $ 100 marks in Google AdSense? Are you looking for help how to proceed for the payment from Google AdSense? Have a look at the response given by our experts.

    My Google Adsense earnings has reached $100 on 28th February, 2013. Now what should I do? Should I request a request for the payment to Google or it will be automatically issued? When will it be issued and how many does it take to receive? This is the first time my earning reaches to $100 after getting my Adsense account approval. So, give me your valuable responses.
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  • First of all congratulations for reaching $ 100 mark in Google AdSense. This means you are now eligible to get first payment from Google. Do the following and you will get your first cheque shortly.
  • Make sure your finalized earnings is more than 100$.

  • Clear any Account Hold from Google by specifying 'Tax Information'. If you are Indian then you should just provide 'No' response. The questions are mostly related to US citizen and at the end, you should type your name as 'signature'.

  • Hope you have properly entered your first and last name in account settings.

  • As you have reached 100$ you must have completed address verification by Google PIN. From next time when you change the address for communications, it is not mandatory to verify by Google PIN and of course Google will not send Google PIN!

  • Remove the 'Self Hold' if you set it. This specify that you do not want to restrict the payment. If you do not want to get payment on a particular month for which you are eligible for payment, you can tick mark the 'self hold' and Google will not send you any payment.

  • Finally check again Payment Settings and Account settings for verification from your side.

  • E.g. If total earnings is 101 $ once the finalized earnings is calculated on 7th of each month, Google will issue payment on 23th-25th of that month and you will get the check delivered by Blue Dart on second week of next month.

  • You can track your payment delivery by removing the zero before the reference number given in payment details. Enter the reference number without zero in ref. Space provided in Blue Dart website and track the earnings.

  • Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • My AdSense earnings also have been updated today to $106.07. There is a message displayed by Google below this amount that the payment will be issued by March 31, 2013. This will be my third check from AdSense account. Last time they gave a similar message when my amount reached $111.27 that the payment will be issued by December 31, 2012 but they issued the cheque on December 19, 2012. I did not have to do anything and the cheque was issued automatically. If it is your first payment, then you must have received the PIN after your payment reached $10 and I feel you must have completed the formalities. Check up there you have not checked the self-hold in your account settings. I think, as per usual practice the cheques may issued in the third or fourth week of March and then it will take 15-20 days to reach us by courier. There is nothing else to do. Once you get the cheque deposit it in your account and share your feelings with us.

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  • Yes, by this time you would have entered Adsense PIN and confirmed your residence address and so on. Once you crossed $100, you need to wait for 7th or 8th date of the following month, your payment will be updated at "Finalized Earning" portion of the Google Adsense account. Your account will show "next payment to be issued date", for example, 31st Mar - Adsense check will be issued at any date of last week of March and it means you will receive your cheque/check during 2nd week of April month at your address mentioned per Adsense account. You have to wait for the same and make sure 2nd week of April you have cross checked the status in Blue Dart website for courier status obtaining reference number from your Adsense account (click on "Detail" at payment issued link) during last week of March.


  • You don't need to request for payment issue to be initiated. Google Adsense follows a highly automated system for payments to publishers.
    If your Google Adsense earning of Feb 2013 are up to cross $100, finalized earnings would have been updated on 7 March 2013. Your payment will be issued by March 31, 2013. Considering your address location will be receive the payment cheque courier in the second week of April 2013.
    Congratulations for your first pay-cheque from Google Adsense!

    Namita Terse

  • Once Google AdSense earnings cross 100$ mark for the first time, one just need to ensure following things have been done for automatic issuance of cheque at your home address:
    -Make sure the delivery address in your Google AdSense account is correctly updated.
    -Make sure you have completed the PIN formalities sometime back when your AdSense account had crossed 10$ mark.
    -Make sure that the finalized amount in your Google AdSense account is 100$ or more than that.
    -Make sure there is no "Hold" status on your Google AdSense account.
    -Check your email account properly for any relevant mails from Google AdSense seeking for information.
    -Make sure your name is correctly updated in the Google AdSense account as Google will issue a cheque payment in your name.

    If all the above things have already been done, you should receive the cheque payment from Google automatically. The payment service provided by Google Adsense is pretty good.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • Hi member,
    This is very good news regarding your earning. Now you have cross $100. Please follow the Instruction for ask your payment.
    1. First of all make sure your amount is higher then $100
    2.Make sure you have On Hold your account.
    3.Check your mail address for your confirmation.
    4.Please check your postal address, you received your check at your postal address,If your postal address is wrong then you can miss your cheque.
    Then wait for the starting week of the month you will get your cheque through Currier.

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  • You would have for a month after you pass the 100 usd treshold in order to get your payement.

    Once you got the mail ,,, (that i have uploaded as attachment) you will got your check in fews days.

    If you are In India choose the paid currency to be INR (which by default is USD) this will save you inter-currency transaction fees.

    The check that offered by google adsence is not at all fancy there is not even a Google logo on it ,, so check your mails carefully .. somebody might ignore it thinking it as a piece of junk.

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