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  • How to send a parcel via Speed Post in India ?

    Want to see a parcel using India Speed Post service? Check out the detailed procedure to do so from the responses below.

    I need to send a small parcel to a company based in Chennai. I would like to know the exact procedure and steps involved in booking and sending a parcel via Speed Post in India. Please do guide me by giving step by step process.
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  • You need to follow the below mentioned steps to send articles via speed post -

    1. Check the item weight. The postage is calculated based on the weight of the article being sent.

    2. Check the delivery standards and the delivery time to destination.

    3. Check for the size limits specified for the destination. Also make sure that the package does not contain any prohibited items.

    4. Pack the items in a seal proof box. Provide suitable insulation or padding if the item is fragile. Put a label on the box with the destination address written or typed.

    5. Visit the nearest post office that provides the speed post service.

    6. They will charge the requisite postage and provide you receipt.

    7. Note down the consignment number mentioned on the receipt. You will need it to track your article.

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  • I have done this many times. Follow the procedure given below.
    1. You go to the post office of India Post or go directly to Railway Mailing Service (RMS) office. Write the to and from address on the parcel.
    2. Give the wrapped parcel to the booking clerk and tell him to do Speedpost. The booking clerk will weigh the parcel and ask you to give some amount of money respective to the parcel weight.
    3. Give the money as per the weight, you can check the rates in the rate list hanged somewhere near the office.
    4. The clerk will register the parcel for speed post in the computer.
    5. After the registration the clerk will paste the barcode sticker (for Speedpost) and one copy of registration slip in the parcel and give other copy to you.
    6. Hence, your parcel is ready for its journey.

    Follow the same procedure for the private courier service.

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