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    What are the different ways to optimize a post or article for a website?

    Wondering how to prepare an article for your website for maximum optimization? Right here you will get expert SEO tips to optimize your site.

    Currently getting organic traffic is very difficult due to competition in blogging. I want to know what are the things or To Do task list which should be taken care while writing an article for any website. How to set a proper title?, What should be ideal length of an article? What is the size and resolution of image to be uploaded? How to optimize the post for speed loading of the page?
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  • In order to write effective SEO optimized content you need to improve copy-writing skills. For example, you can start by learning how to write articles with keyword optimized content. It takes time to learn this skill and you make a lot of mistakes while constructing your article.
    For example some tools have this keyword optimization feature. You can use such feature to fix some of the errors in your content. Longer content writing is also a skill which helps with SEO of your site. All of these small areas together help make better content.

  • Follow these methods to optimise your content -

    1. Pay attention to the content
    Choose a trending topic. Research on what people are searching over the internet for. Always remember that content is the king. If your content is fresh and unique, there are more possibilities of getting it good ranking in search engines.

    2. Keywords
    Give due weightage to the keywords. Make sure the users are actually using those keywords while searching for any information on the internet. However, avoid the practice of keyword stuffing. It will result in your content getting negative ranking. An ideal practice would be to use 2 or 3 keywords per page.

    3. Use social networks
    Make liberal use of social networks. Share your content as much as possible across the major social networking sites. Google Plus is one of the powerful tool in this context. Use the keywords while you share the content.

    4. Use image optimisation
    Use as many images as you can. Remember using keywords in the image file name.

    5. Make readers your partners
    Give prominent links to subscribe to your feeds. Providing email subscription for your content would be a good way get your readers involved in what you do.

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  • You have to give good original content to your blog and follow the techniques of search engine optimization. You have to regularly ping/submit your blog in the different search engines. There are many techniques of SEO, you will find in the below link:">How to promote a website/blog?

    Ques: How to set a proper title?
    Ans: You have to set or give the title for your article according to the content written in the article. Read the article 2-3 times, then you will get an idea for the proper title. It is like, English passage reading and search for proper title, as we have done in our school days.

    Ques: What should be ideal length of an article?
    Ans: An ideal length should be 1000-1500 words for short articles, 1600-2000 words for medium articles and 2000 or more words for long articles. As more as the length of your article, will bring you more traffic (unique visitors with regular ones) to your blog.

    Ques: What is the size and resolution of image to be uploaded?
    Ans: Post good quality images taken by you with your camera. But I do not think images will bring you more traffic to your blog.

    Ques: How to optimize the post for speed loading of the page?
    Ans: You should use static template for your blog as dynamic templates are very heavy to load and if any visitor want to go to your blog and the blog takes more time in loading then that visitor will close your blog and go for other one. So, it is recommend to use static template for your blog.

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