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    How to get Android application to run in background

    Want to install an Android app in the background? Check out here with expert guidance on how to do it correctly.

    I want to install Android app in the background. Can I just click on link of google play store and install application in background? It says just click on the link application to start to install application but user does not know application is installing so is it possible or not?
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  • Your subject states that you'd like to 'run' an app in the background whereas the post states you'd like to 'install' it in the background.

    Assuming that you would like to install it in the background and need to know if its possible or not. The answer is Yes! Once you click on the 'Install' option on the Google Play store, the app should automatically download and install on your Android device.

    How long does it take to start?
    That depends upon your internet speed among other factors, but should not take more than 30 seconds to start.

    If on the other hand, you'd like to 'run' an application in the background, you'll need to provide more information regarding the app in question in order for us to help you out. I hope this answers your query.

  • Do you want to install the app or run the app, in the background? Assuming that you want to install the app in the background, then you have to go to the Google Play store and search for the app, then click to install the app, then the app will install and automatically, show the download icon on the top of mobile phone, in the background. You can do anything while the app is installing by its own. If the app is install, then it is ready to use.

    Assuming that you want to run the app in the background then you should start an app like music player, and play games while music app run in background.

    I hope both the answers of mine suffices your query.

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  • Core applications do run in the background. And when you use task switcher button, they can be seen running behind. For example, if you open whatsapp once, you find the instance running till the phone is active. That is how you get the notification. So apps do run on the background, you just have to check them.

    As for running parallel applications in the background, that is quite hard. Because apps consume resources. So often the tasks are only invoked when they have some event. For example, whatsapp or mail app used only when the event is triggered when you get the message.

    I have upgraded Youtube app while I am using the whatsapp. So yes, multitasking in the background is definitely possible.

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