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    Using Windows 10 Edge browser password manager

    Wondering how to use the password manager feature in Windows 10? Get detailed guidance for free from our experts.

    Is there a way to use a password manager in the Edge browser? Please provide detailed guidance.
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  • Microsoft Edge has this feature built in. You get to use this feature if any HTTPS based login system propmpts for saving the password. This however is not as secure a system like Lastpass though. I meant to say most of the password managers do is saving the password and get to use autologin feature. Like Lastpass, you don't get the tools with it. So no password generator or tool that tracks different password strength or suggestion to change it.

  • Microsoft Edge browser has now been included with a password manager now on Windows 10. Users will be able to save their credentials on Edge and use them to login to their favourite sites. The password manager has been included in the build 10147 onwards. You can find it by navigating to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Offers .

    Live....and Let Live!

  • The latest build of MS Edge browser has a password manager. With this tool, you can save and manage passwords of the sites you visit frequently.

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