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  • Should I sell my Galaxy S3 now and upgrade to a OnePlus One? Worth it?

    Wondering whether it is a good idea to sell your Galaxy S3 smart phone & upgrade to a OnePlus One smart phone? Check out the opinions of experts whether it is worth upgrading.

    I own a Galaxy S3 since 2 years. Just out of nowhere, a thought came to my mind of buying a new phone. The OnePlus One is under my budget. The S3 I have is rooted, runs Android 5.1.1 butter smooth. Very rarely lags and it's amazing to have completely stable ROMs. I have no problem in using it at all.

    The thing is that I'm a tech geek and love the latest hardware and technology. Now my eyes fell on the OnePlus One. I feel it's a great phone in this price. I thought I'd sell the S3, get some money and put some extra on top of it and buy the OnePlus One.
    I found someone giving me $110 (Rs.7,000 in India, INR). Need just $236 more to buy One. The OnePlus One costs Rs.21,998 in India at the moment.

    BUT, before doing this upgrade I want to really ask you Is it worth it?
    Do you think it's a better decision to upgrade or should I use this S3 till it dies or becomes unusable?

    Another thing is, I would like to ask, do you think using the Galaxy S3 for 6 more months, the price I get when I sell it would come down to a big extent? At that time I'd have to get more extra money for the new phone (which has great hardware and isn't as old as the OnePlus One)?

    Just tell me if it'll be actually a better decision to sell the S3 now and upgrade to such an amazing hardware just for $236?

    Tell me if I should buy the OnePlus One or just forget about it?
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  • Going by the specifications, it would be a better deal. You will be able to get a high end device at a lesser price.
    I would advice you to go for it.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I've personally used the OnePlus One for a few days and was terribly disappointed with it. Going by the specifications, it indeed seems a good buy, however it isn't as good a phone as it seems on paper.

    The S3 is known to have one of the best cameras out there. Infact, the earlier Note series from Samsung had the same camera hardware as the S3. The OnePlus One camera is nowhere near the quality of the S3. The images I took from the OnePlus One were completely washed out and lacked contrast. I am a camera lover on my phones, so this aspect is very important for me, other than the camera issue, this device seems a good buy. If you're okay with it, I suggest getting the OnePlus One, else look for another alternative.

  • On my opinion, I would surely suggest to go for OnePlus One. Everything on it is top notch. Starting from its specifications to its design. I would say that Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the bad phones in the S series. It has the random hanging problem. The camera quality is not anywhere near to the quality of its predecessor Samsung galaxy S2. So in my point of view, dump the Samsung Galaxy S3 and get the ravishingly new OnePlus One.

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