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  • What are the benefits of using LED bulbs?

    Wondering whether LED bulbs are beneficial? Know from the responses below what all are the benefits of using a LED bulb.

    I have heard from many people that LED bulbs have many advantages. I would like to know the benefits of using LED bulbs. Please explain in detail.
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  • Well, there are many benefits of using LED bulbs. But the foremost among them is the low power consumption.
    Here are a few advantages of LED bulbs -

    1. LED bulbs are most energy efficient. They just consume 10% of what incandescent or Fluorescent lamps burn.

    2. It reduces the carbon dioxide levels.

    3. They are durable. You may not need to change a LED bulb in 20 years! LED bulbs offer you an astounding 30000 hours operation. Though the cost of the bulb may appear to be expensive, the fact that you will need to change them only once in a decade makes them the best bet.

    4. They are small in size and can be best for areas having space constraints.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • LED bulbs last longer. They are also good when it comes to price. Most of the CFL bulbs considering the cost-per-watt turn out to be cost effective. So if you are thinking about the environment-friendly bulbs then that is why you should choose the CFL or LED. However, the wattage is something to consider when purchasing the product for price. Only issue with the CFL and LED light is that it does not cover a large area.

  • There are many advantages/benefits of using LED bulbs from which some of them are mentioned in the details given below:-

    Long Life
    Long life time benefit always stands out at the 1st number in the list of advantages of using LED lighting. LED bulbs have a long life time around 100.000 hours. LED's are not like standard lighting as they don't burn out and stop working like the standard lights

    Energy Efficiency
    LED lighting is the most energy efficient. Hence LED lighting saves a lot for you.

    Ecologically Friendly
    LED bulbs are free of the harmful toxic chemicals. Whereas fluorescent lighting bulbs contains mercury which is very dangerous for our enviroment. Moreover, LED bulbs can be completely recycled. The long life time benefit mentioned in the 1st point above proves itself here as the one LED light bulb can save the material and production of around 25 incandescent light bulbs. So this becomes a big step towards a "greener future".

    Durable Quality
    LED's are extremely durable and are built with the sturdy components that are very highly rugged and can easily withstand even in the roughest conditions/situations. This is also proved in the coming lines:- As LED's are resistant to vibrations, shock and other external impacts, they makes a great outdoor lighting systems even in the rough conditions.

    No UV Emissions
    LED illumination produces a little infrared light and very close to "no UV emissions". Because of this advantage, LED lighting is highly suitable.

    There are some other advantages like:-

    1. Low-Voltage
    2. Design flexibility
    3. Operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures
    4. Light dispersant
    5. Small size
    6. Nature friendly

    These were some of the benefits of using LED bulbs.

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