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  • Which software is best to make screen recordings?

    Searching for good quality free screen recording software? Check out the feedback provided by experts below.

    I need to make simple how to videos and for that I need a good free software to make recordings or videos of my computer screen. Please share names and features of such software.
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  • Camstudio recorder!

    Been using this free software for ages, easy to use and works like a charm. With this software, you get the option of changing the recording area on the screen as per your requirement as well. Highly recommended!

  • If you wish to spend no money, then you have options like Jing, Camstudio and BBFlash Express Free edition.

    If you are ready to pay some money, then Camtasia screen recorder is the best you can get.

    Those who are on the windows operating system have lot of free options. In case of Linux, there is an application calls screenrecorder.

    For those who are using Mac, there is a much better app called screenflow.

  • Here are some of the best softwares used for recording the screen on Windows. All of the softwares mentioned below have been tested for better user experience. So you may feel free to use any one of them on your computer.

    Ezvid is one of the best software for screen recording. Ezvid comes with an inbuilt video editor. You can use this editor for adding texts in between any two clips or creating a slideshow effect. However, the software lacks to give you the output directly, you can only upload your video to "YouTube". There is no direct option/way to export the video to your computer which you recorded with this program. But the software still stands on the 1st place in the list of the best softwares for screen recording on Windows. Ezvid features a option to enable the "Gaming Mode" which is specially added to this for gamers. As with this option you can record the windowed mode of your game. You can easily record the game-plays and can directly upload them on the "YouTube". Ezvid is also crowned as the best software for Windows to record the screen.

    BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder
    BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder helps you to use your webcam for recording yourself in addition to the recording of activities that are running on your desktop. For the output, it creates an FBR file which can be edited with its inbuilt video editor. It is also one of the best software for recording screen for Windows. In a condition if you didn't enable the webcam, you can easily skip the "video editor program" and can export the video to AVI file format. It requires you to register for a free account service. BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder offers you with many attractive features and functions.

    Screenr is one of the best software used to share a screencast online without even installing the program on your PC. Screenr just requires Java knowledge to work. This software requests you to select the area of your screen which you wants to be recorded. But you can only record a video of maximum 5 minutes of length. All the recordings are saved directly in your account as an output. After the recording you'll be provided with a link which can be shared easily. Screenr allows you to export your video recording to the MP4 format or you can even directly upload the recording on "YouTube". You are just requested to register with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live account in order to use the Screenr software for free of cost.

    Rylstim Screen Recorder
    Rylstim allows you to record your screen just by clicking on the "Start Record" option. This software doesn't wants you to configure anything, it is just like a basic screen recorder for Windows. Rylstim doesn't records any sound from the input devices like a microphone. With this software you can easily record the screen of your computer. However, it is not much used and popular.

    CamStudio comes equipped with many options for tweaking the way it records. CamStudio features a option to enable or disable your mouse cursor. With this software you can even record the sounds from the input devices like a microphone. It also features a option to enable the custom screen annotations. You are requested to select a area of your desktop which you wants to be recorded. With this software you can record the screen at different frame rate speeds like:- at 1 FPS to create a time lapse video effect or at 30 FPS for a smooth video play.

    All of these software are best for recording the screen on computers. You may feel free to use anyone with no disadvantages. However, I use Bandicam on my computer when I need to record the screen. Bandicam is one of the best software which is very easy to use. It just needs you to select the area which you wants to be recorded. And you can easily find out the output at the selected destination.

  • You can find many software online for recording and making your own how to videos. Some of the popular free screen recording software are discussed below:
    CamStudio is a free open source video streaming software used by many Youtubers. It offers many features like you can hide your cursor while using CamStudio.
    Icecream Screen Recorder
    It is also a free tool that offers various features. You can zoom in and focus the specific area using this software. You can also combine the sounds from various apps.
    It is a free tool used to make screen recordings more interactive. It allows to add interactive elements like callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc. to our recordings.

    There are many other software available on the internet. You can use any of them. As your need is for making simple videos, you can use CamStudio as it is open source also. When you have open source software why to go for other? So, use CamStudio

  • Here is a list of best screen recording softwares for PC :

    1. Icecream Screen Recorder.
    2. ActivePresenter.
    3. CamStudio.
    4. Snagit.
    5. EZVID.
    6. Jing.
    7. Webinaria.
    8. Camtasia Studio.
    9. Rylstim Screen Recorder.
    10. Screenr.

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