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  • How to get an iPhone at cheapest price in India?

    Planning to buy a good Apple iPhone at a low rate? Know from experts the various legal ways to purchase it.

    I am a huge Apple fan. I want to buy an iPhone but due to limited budget I am not able to purchase it. I would like to know how can I buy an iPhone at cheapest price in India. Please suggest only legal and ethical options. I am open to refurbished or used phones provided they are of good quality. I am also okay with old iPhone models like iPhone 4S. Please guide me.
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  • 1. Buy Imported smartphones :- You can search on Ebay there are many people who sells imported smartphones but buy from Best Sellers who are having good feedback.

    2. Buy Custom smartphones :- You can any Local Mobile Retailer and ask them to buy smartphones on custom which will give you a huge fall in the price.

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  • There are mainly two options for that,
    1)Buy a phone from a seller who sells Custom seized goods. The only problem with this is that you wont have warranty for the product you buy. But the main advantage is that there will be a huge difference in the rate of the phone as compared to the local market.
    2)Buy a phone online. There are hundreds of online sites which sell electronic gadgets at get offers. These products are genuine and has company warranty for a particular period of time. This also has a great difference in the rate.

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