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    How to connect Dongle to BSNL Penta tablet?

    Want to know how to connect internet dongle to newly purchased BSNL Penta T-Pad IS709C? Also you are facing connection problem with this dongle? Find the expert help from answers they provided below.

    A few days before one of my friend purchased a new tablet from BSNL named BSNL Penta T-Pad IS709C. When he tried to browse internet with Dongle it is not giving any response. When he connected the dongle with tab the light in the dongle is blinking but no notification in the tab. How to solve this problem. Please provide step by step to solve this issue.
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  • First of all you have to make a search for the dongles which are supported by your BSNL Penta. Check up the model of your device to find the right dongle for the same.

    Tablet. Penta TPAD IS701R supports the following dongles:
    Teracom T3G72A {BSNL}
    Huawei E160
    Reliance GSM ZTE MF190
    Idea GSM HUAWEI E1732
    Huawei E169G
    Huawei E171
    Huawei E173

    Penta TPAD IS703C supports the following dongles:
    TATA Photon+ EC156
    Reliance GSM ZTE MF190
    Idea GSM HUAWEI E1732
    Huawei E169G
    Huawei E173
    Huawei E171

    Once you have selected the right dongle for your BSNL Penta Tablet insert the same in the tablet. Check up if the dongle light blinks to make sure that it is connected properly. When the light becomes steady, this is an indication that you are connected to the internet. In case of BSNL tablet model IS701R, you can find a 'G' icon on the top bar with blinking download and upload arrows. This will happen within one or two minutes. For model IS703C/802C, the icon will be '3G' at the bottom right hand of the screen. The internet connection will be usually available after this procedure but if it does not happen, then follow the following instructions:

    Open Launcher Enter Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Check the Data Enabled box -> Edit Access Point Names. Check the APN (Access Point Names) in the Wireless and Network settings if it is still not connected. Consult your data service provider to help you select the correct name and then OK to confirm. In case the problem still persists, you should re-start the device keeping the dongle connected to it. The customer care can only solve your problem if nothing works out finally.

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  • You should manually enter the APN, MCC and MNC details. For this, in your tablet, open Settings -> Wireless -> Networks -> More -> Mobile Networks. In the top right corner you can see three dots vertically. Click on that dots and then click New APN. You can find APN details for your network in the below link

    APN details

    If your network is not available in that article call your service provider (means your network eg:Airtel). They you provide you all the details regarding it.

  • First of all check which dongle is supportive for your device. After you found try to connect it. If it is connected properly then the dongle light will be blinking. After the proper connection, the downloading and uploading links gets into visible. If the uplink and downlink is not visible, then the Internet is not connected. The following setting makes the connection, Enter Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Check the Data Enabled Box -> Edit Access Point Names. There is also another method to make connection. It is to check for the Access Point Names in the wireless and Network settings. Choose anyone in these and select OK for the confirmation.

  • First you have to know different types supporting dongles to your device BSNL penta. The listing is given below:
  • Airtel modem

  • Reliance modem

  • Tata photon

  • Huawei modem

  • Idea GSM modem

  • Mblaze modem

  • Usually some defaut settings have been provided in your laptop. Such settings are for Reilance, Tata photon and Mblaze. If you insert these three modems via USB dongle, then select the appropriate option when the light indication begins to glow. Suppose you use other modems just you have to enter the settings manually. For example, APN setting for airtel as Make sure that the data enabled is selected under the settings->wireless networks -> mobile networks before going to surf internet.

  • Your tablet will show some kind of indications (like picture of a tower, 3G etc) at the bottom when your dongle is connected successfully, and it will not show notifications if you connected a wrong dongle. Huawei E 1732 and Huawei E1750 are two dongle which support on BSNL Penta IS709C tablet. When we compare the prices of all dongle's Huawei E1732 is more cheaper than any other and you can buy it for a price of Rs. 1350 from

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