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    How to hard reset Huweii pocket Wi-Fi ?

    Read this thread to know the complete procedure and steps involved to hard reset Huweii pocket Wi-Fi.

    I want to hard reset Huweii pocket Wi-Fi in terms of username and password because I have forgot them. Please guide me.
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  • If you have forgotten the password and user id, here is how you can restore your Huawei Pocket Wifi to factory settings -

    1. Slide open the back panel of the device.

    2. Look for a small reset spot with a button inside.

    3. Using a pen or pencil, press down the button. Ensure not to exert much pressure as it may damage your device. Press down the button for around 3 seconds.

    4. The device will reset to factory settings.

    5. The default pass key to access the device can be found on the label under WiFi - key.

    Live....and Let Live!

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