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  • Best Wi-Fi router below Rs.2500

    Planning to buy a Wi-Fi router for your BSNL Wimax connection? Read this thread to know the best Wi-Fi routers below Rs.2500

    I am planning to purchase a Wi-Fi router for BSNL Wimax connection. My house area is 2200 sq.ft and I wish to make the whole house Wi-Fi enabled. Which router should I buy? My budget is below Rs.2500. I am confused between TL-WR841HP, TL-WR841N & Tenda FH303. Please tell me the most suitable one.
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  • I have a vast experience of WiFi routers as I have my own business of computer parts. Here are the best product specially for you under Rs 2500.

    1. Netgear JWNR2000 Wireless-N Router Router – Price 2253 INR
    2. Belkin Surf Router (N) Router – Price 2131 INR
    3. D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N 300 Router Router – Price 1944 INR
    4. 300Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR841N – Price 1800 INR

  • Here are a few good Wfi routers that may interest you -

    1. TP-LINK TL-WR740N
    It supports almost all operating systems. A router without modem, it comes with 4 LAN, 1 WAN, RJ 45 WAN/ LAN ports. It has an operating power of 9 V. It costs you around Rs. 900.

    2. D-Link DSL-2750U
    This again is compatible with all operating systems. It has a modem that can reach upto a speed of 24 MBPS.
    You can get it at Rs. 2000 to 2500.

    3. Netgear N 150
    This is a wireless router with no modem. Compatible with Windows 2000, Mac and Linux , it has maximum connectivity speeds up to 150 MBPS. It carries 2 LAN, 1 WAN, RJ 45 LAN/ WAN ports.
    The cost of the device is around Rs.900 to 1.000

    4. D-Link DIR-600L
    It is compatible with Windows XP and Mac operating systems. Working on a power source of 5 V, it supports speeds upto 150 MBPS. It is equipped with 4 LAN, 1 WAN, RJ 45 LAN/ WAN ports. The router is available at Rs. 1500.

    5. Netgear JNR1010
    It lacks modem again and reaches upto 150 MBPS speeds. It carries 4 LAN, 1 WAN, RJ 45 LAN/ WAN ports. It is priced at Rs 1000 to 1500.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I recently bought the DLink 2750U myself and successfully installed it for the Airtel connection I have. This router is a 300Mbps ADSL2+ router and gives wide coverage. My house is 1200 sq ft approx and this router covers it completely. I am also able to access my network around the streets of my house, so effectively it can easily cover around 1500-1600 sq feet of area.

    What I also like about this router is the in-built USB port at the back, that lets me share files and stream music/movies to all the devices connected to my Wi-Fi network. I bought this device for a price of Rs. 1775 and am extremely happy with it. If you would like to buy a no-nonsense router that is easy to setup and provides great coverage, opt for the 2750U.

    One router that I would definitely suggest you to NOT buy would be the TP Link w8968. Although a 300Mbps router with a USB port at the back and with a similar price tag of Rs. 1700, this router comes with a lot of bugs and is extremely unstable.

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