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  • How petrol driven car is converted to CNG driven car?

    Worried about rising petrol and diesel costs? Read this thread to know is its possible to convert petrol driven car into a CNG driven car.

    Today petrol and diesel are becoming costlier day by day and people are finding alternates for it. CNG is one of the option. I wonder how a petrol driven car is converted into a CNG driven car? What are the modification required to be done to make it competent for both fuel? What are the consequences of running both the fuel in same engine?
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  • You must be knowing the car works when the Piston of the Engine works at a certain RPM. Petrol works as a fuel for it which gives a lot of energy to make it function but it has become costly due to over-usage of it. Due to this a new fuel which was a Natural Gas stored in Cylinders which are placed in the car's trunk most of the time. CNG is an Eco-Friendly fuel as well as cheap too because it doesn't cost much to extract it whereas the vehicles which uses CNG makes less sound too. Mechanical Engineers fits the CNG tank and places a functional tip in the Engine. After that they removes the direct contact of Petrol with the engine or joins it with CNG so that the user can use Petrol whenever he want. When it is successfully joined the driver can start the car and will find that it is working properly. But there are some cons of CNG as reported by users.

    1. It reduces the performance of the car.
    2. If you are using CNG the be ready for regular services and repairs.
    3. Less availability. I know that nowadays there are many petrol pumps which started selling CNG too but they are still developing. You can consider the availability of CNG is not as good as Petrol and Diesel.

    Except this CNG fitting also costs you around Rs. 10-15k as per the cylinder weight you choose. But you should prefer CNG to save Environment, Clean India Happy India

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  • Yeah cost of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day and this also creates many problem's.

    To install CNG to your petrol car You can contact a nearby garage owner. They will just install a cylinder to your car which will be connected to your engine.It's space consuming but its Negligible.You can switch to CNG By a button And when necessary Switch back to petrol.

    I liked that Your are trying save fuels and our mother earth.

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