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  • How to put GIF images in power point presentation?

    Want to make a dynamic presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint? Find for yourself how to put GIF images that give you dynamic or animated presentation.

    Many a times we need to present some dynamic aspects in our presentation. Normally we use MS Power Point for presentation purpose. I want to know how to put GIF images which give us dynamic or animated aspects during presentation?
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  • You can embed GIF images into the powerpoint presentation using various methods. Few of them are -

    1. Click on Insert menu and then Picture. Powerpoint will open File Manager wherein you can select the GIF image you want to add. The image will be added to the current slide.

    2. Use Copy-Paste function to paste the image into the slide of your choice. Just navigate to the file you want insert, copy and then paste it as you would do with any text.

    3. If you want to insert the images from the web, you can go to Insert menu and select Picture and then type in the URL of the image in the input box. The image will be downloaded and inserted in the current slide.

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