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    Does Lenovo K3 Note support OTG cable?

    Keen to know whether Lenovo K3 Note supports USB OTG? Keep an eye on this thread for the valued answers from our experts.

    Lenovo has launched the latest addition in its portfolio- Lenovo K3 Note. The smartphone is an excellent one at the price it is offered. I would like to know if Lenovo K3 Note supports OTG cable or not. Please give correct answers.
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  • Yes, the Lenovo K3 supports USB OTG. You can connect your external drives to the phone and access the data on your phone.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Yes it does. Lenovo K3 Note supports OTG.

  • Yes, Lenovo K3 Note has USB OTG connectivity. You can connect external USB devices with K3 Note via OTG cable.

  • Lenovo K3 Note is an excellent smartphone which is filled with all top class features. It definitely supports OTG cable. Feel free to go ahead and you have made a nice choice. Check out Lenovo K3 Note on Flipkart

  • Yes, Lenovo K3 Note does supports the OTG cable. You may fell free to connect your external pendrives on this low-end device.

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