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  • Sony's PS4 PlayStation release date and price

    Want to the release date of Sony PS4? Find the specifications and other details of Sony Play Station 4 in this thread.

    When will Sony's PS4 Next Generation Console Ultimate Player Edition release? Will this PlayStation would be better than its previous release? What will be the price of PS4 and where we can buy it online? I would like to know technical specification of PS4 PlayStation, so kindly enlighten me on this.
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  • In the Amazon, they have listed the bundle, that includes a PlayStation 4 and also a PS Vita slim.
    After a lot of search, it seems that it will be available around July 4 in France. The price tagged to it currently is $789.99. It appears to be a little bit expensive but we have to remember that this is only the translated price from the European market for the consoles. So if one calculates the rate of PS4 in Europe that costs $544.83 and the Vita stands for a $245.16, then it is the same for you to buy, if you would have gone them buying each of them.

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