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  • How to record your screen on any Android Device ?

    Want to do screen recording on an Android device? Right here you will get guidance on the correct ethical way to do so.

    There are a lot of screen recording apps from free to paid apps. One of the best screen recording apps was the SCR screen recording app which was recently removed from the Play Store due to violations. So how to record your screen on any android device?
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  • There are a couple of screen recording apps available for Android -

    1. Mobizen
    This app works without the need to root your device. Sadly enough, screen recording quality is not that great with the app. However this is one of the good apps if your device happens to be lower than Lollipop.

    2. SCR Screen recorder
    This app requires root. The app has been removed from play store, but you can find it from other stores or third party file sharing sites.

    3. REC.
    The app has an attractive interface. You can adjust the bit rate before commencing the recording. Free version has limited recording. If you want to have unlimited recording, you will need to opt for paid version from within the app.

    4. Screen recorder for Kitkat
    It allows you to set bit rate, resolution and count down.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I have listed down two apps which are now frequently used to record screen on any Android devices. These are:

    1. Rec.
    Rec. as an Android screen recording app has enabled the audio recording task and also the name you want to record before starting up. You only have to tap on the Record button, the app will start counting 10, which gives enough time to make yourself ready for it.
    You can even stop the recording by clicking on the 'Stop' button, or just by turning off your device screen . With the free version you get to record only 5 minutes while the audio recording will last for 30 seconds.

    2. Shou
    Shou has a series of featureswhich I haven't seen in many other apps. You can take a screen shot with Shou just by shaking your Android device a bit. But one has to join their Google+ community to download the app from the Play Store.

    There are even more, but these two looked more useful with easier interfaces. Hope you find them working for you.

  • Here are the best screen recording apps fro Android :

    1. AZ Screen Recorder : This is one of the best screen recording app. It doesn't requires root access. Apart from screen recording, it can also capture video via front camera. The app is available for free but it has some in-app purchases.
    Get it from -

    2. ilos screen recorder : This app is exclusively available for Android Lollipop. It is completely free. There are not advertisements and its user-interface is very clean.
    Get it from -

    3. One Shot Screen Recorder :This is a paid app. A free trial version is also available that puts watermark on each recording. You can buy this app for $0.99 to remove watermark and advertisements.
    Get it from -

    4. Telecine : This is an opensource app. One of the highest rated app on Playstore, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars. Due to its opensource nature, anyone can modify/edit this app, if he/she knows Android programming.
    Get it from -

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