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    What are the hidden features of Android M ?

    Wondering about the hidden features of Android M? Know which these are from the responses below.

    Android M is the latest operating system from Google and includes many bug fixes and new improvements over the previous version of Android lollipop. Some of the new features are hidden in the OS. So which are the hidden features do you find the most useful in Android M ?
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  • The question has already been answered in a previous question about Android M secret features.

    However, I will just list out some of them again -
    1. New Theme Mode - It will help you set dark or light theme on your phone.

    2. New RAM manager - The newer version of RAM manager will help you find the RAM usage by each app, so that you can identify the rogue app and take actions.

    3. Doze mode on per app basis - You can change which apps you want to be controlled by Doze feature.

    4. Uninstall apps from homescreen - You can now uninstall an app from the home screen rather than going into the app drawer for the purpose.

    I have listed only a couple of them here. Find more details in the link above.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are few hidden features which might have made the Android M stand out ahead of competition.

    1. New Theme Mode : Best way of lightening or darkening Android to view a darker or lighter interface.

    2. Multi-Window Mode And Tablet-Only Split-Keyboard: enabling the device to run more than one app at a time.

    3. System UI Tuner: Customize Quick Settings Tiles: Enabling users to get a customized Quick Settings tiles.

    4. The RAM Manager: A new management tool displaying how much RAM has been used while so that you can force stop the apps to regain some more memory.

    5. Doze Mode: A tool to save battery power per App usage.

  • Here are some hidden features in Android M OS:

    1. New Theme Mode : With this feature, you can make the user-interface of your device either darker or lighter.

    2. Multi-Window Mode : Running more than one app/game at the same time on a single screen is possible in all devices running the Android M OS.

    3. System UI Tuner : With this feature, you can customize the "Quick Settings" icons. You can find this tool in the "Settings" section.

    4. New RAM Manager : With this new RAM manager, you can manage the amount of RAM an app is consuming. You can force stop a certain RAM eating app to free up some memory.

    New Easter Egg : There is a new hidden easter egg in Android M. Just goto Settings -> About and tap the version number 5-6 times.

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