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    How to solve heating issue of Yu Yuphoria ?

    Having heating problems with your Yu Yuphoria smart phone? Know from experts how to resolve this problem.

    Yu Yuphoria has a heating issue. It heats up if you playe heavy games for longer periods of time and if we watch HD videos for more then 30 minutes the mobile heats up. Yu Yuphoria comes with the Cyanogen OS 12 built on the top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. So how to solve the heating issue of Yu Yuphoria ?
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  • It is usual most of the phones will heat up after doing high performance tasks. You can do much modification but can limit the CPU Performance from Setting -> Developer option this will cause some performance issues but will almost solve your heating issue.

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  • Though not specifically for Yuphoria, but one can observe a few methods to control overheating of the smartphones.
    Actually, smartphones these days use better processors needing higher energy and thus generate heat. No proper attention is paid to proper ventilation in a bid to make the phone thinner. Use following methods and see it it helps -

    Disable unwanted functions
    Keep a tab on the apps and processes that need more energy. Enable them only when needed. Using apps like Greenify may be helpful here as it can keep a tab on background activities of the selected apps.

    Limit the time for resource intensive tasks
    Resource intensive tasks like browsing for longer periods of time can consume much energy. Thus in turn releases more heat.Even gaming for long durations can generate more heat. Limit the time spent on such apps.

    Use genuine batteries
    Using third party substandard batteries can result in heavy heat generation. Try not to fall prey to the low priced batteries available on ecommerce sites. If you have to buy a third party battery, go for reputed names like Mugen or Anker .

    Take precautions while charging
    Though it may appear silly, improper charging process can result in abnormal Heat generation. Always use original chargers. Keep the place of charging well ventilated.

    A few more tips
    Avoid using bulky cases as it interferes with heat dissipation. Do not use the handset by exposing it to direct sunlight.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • To solve heating problem try this.

    1. Go into the settings -> apps -> Media Storage Device.
    2. Force stop it.
    3. Clear the Cache
    4. Clear the data.
    5. Disable it.
    6. Restart the phone.
    7. Enable it
    8. Restart the phone

    If you are again seeing the heating problem then again go into the settings -> apps -> Media Storage Device. Force stop it. Clear the data, Clear the Cache -> Restart the phone. If issue appears again then again follow the steps given above. You've to do this till you stop facing heating problem. After applying this fix, my friend is getting the battery life of 1 and half day for Yu.

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