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  • Complete details about Disney Playmation

    Searching for information on Disney Playmation? Get quick updates from the responses below to know the launch date, price and features of Disney Playmation.

    I recently heard about Disney Playmation. I want to know:

    - What is Disney's Playmation?

    - Whats are its specs and features?

    - What is the price of Playmation?

    - Is it a video game or a console or a gaming PC?

    - What is the release date of Playmation?

    - Is it something similar to Playstation 4 and Xbox One (Kinect)?
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  • Disney Playmation
    The Future of play is know as Disney Playmation. The releasing date expected to be on this Christmas-2015. It can be the hottest toy of this Christmas 2015-Playmation "powered by Disney".
    Everyone is excited to hear that, what is Disney Playmation? Tom Staggs is the Chief officer of the Walt Disney he call this product "play of the 21st century". Platmation is a unique system of connected toys and wearables that combine the latest technology and Disney storytelling to inspire kids to run around and play using their imagination.
    In short this product is "Imagination made real" It led the kids to enter marvel universe which included Iron skull, Maddock and Loki.
    The playmation Starter pack expected to be $199.99,which included two power activators,Iron man's repulser gear and two figures (captain America, Iron skull).
    The playmation will be available for preorder on July 7th and delivery in October 2015. The second wave of items will be released on Christmas-2015.

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