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  • Free App for Social Networking sites

    Want to know about the new app called Free? Get quick information from our experts to know the unique features of this new app and whether it can be installed for free on your smart phone.

    I heard there is an app available from Google playstore and Apple's itune for social networking sites called 'Free'. What is so special about 'Free' app for social networking sites and its growth? Is it completely free or it can be downloaded and used in a smart phone as free subscription of Social sites? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • No, there is no social networking app whose name is 'Free'. This might be a confusion.

  • I searched a lot of app stores for Android and iOS, but could not find anything related to an app named "FREE" for using with social networks. You might have got confused it with a list of some free apps for social networks.
    However, if you are sure of having found it genuinely, can you please post a link to where you got this information?

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I think there is some sort of misunderstanding regarding the word free. Free in the context of the cost. So saying free facebook app means you don't have to pay money to download and use it. So free social networking app means you are not paying to join and use those sites. That's what the apps are for. So you may want to narrow the choices and see what exactly the feature that you are looking for. "Free" as in cost. Not as in name.

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