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  • What is the best way to find high paying keywords?

    Want to make your blog a success with use of good keywords? Know from experts the ways in which you can find out keywords that could get you better earnings from your blog.

    Normally, a blog's success is rated in terms of traffic and keywords are one of them to pull organic traffic. I want to know, how to find high paying keywords to have maximum earning out of them? Which website does this task? How one can use Google AdWords for this purpose?
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  • A few better tools that can help you find high paying keywords are as follows -

    1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    This can help you get better keywords that get higher traffic. I am not that expert in using this tool, but you may search for the guidance.

    2. Market Samurai
    It works on the similar lines as above. It is a Windows programme. Free trial is available.

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  • Here are some tools for the said purpose.

    1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner : This is the most accurate keyword research tool. You can create a free a account and leverage the best possible results. With this tool, you can find the Pay Per Click cost as well as the search volume of a keyword. It also suggest related keywords. Read this post for more information - How to work on AdWords.

    2. : This is another keyword research tool. It uses AdWords' data to show the results. Its interface is very user-friendly.

    Other tools:

    3. SEMRush.

    4. WordStream.

    5. Market Samurai.

    6. Ubersuggest.

    7. Keyword Spy.

  • Some of the good keyword tools are already mentioned above. However, one good tool that can be used is Google autosuggest database. It has all the keywords which most of the search users are using. So you can find online tools for the keyword suggest feature in Google. Check Google for the sites which scrape the keywords from autosuggest.

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