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  • How to reduce file size for photos

    Finding it difficult to store heavy sized photos and upload them online? Get quick expert tips on how to reduce the file size of a photo.

    I am taking photos from my Smartphone where each photo automatically is sized for around 1MB instead of less than 400kb. Due to heavy size of the picture file, it is hard to reduce the size despite editing them and even harder to upload it online when slow net connectivity. However, I would like to know how to reduce file size for photos to use them effectively and reduce the storage space? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • This all can be possible by changing the resolution of the photo. First note that by reducing the size of photo your photo can be damaged your photo by reducing the size of colors. Now a days you can do this online by simply following the instruction. There are many ways in which you can reduce your image size. One of them is given below:
    1.Open the photo in any editing software and you can also use paint option to do this.
    2.Crop the unnecessary path of the photo.
    3.Make the resolution of the photo low as much as you want.
    4.Now save the photo at any path and check out the space.
    5.The size will be in kb.
    6.Now you can upload your pics at low connectivity.
    I hope the given information may help you.

  • I would suggest you to consider other available options before proceeding to resizing the image. That's because image resizing will always downgrade the quality of your image. If you are going to use only a portion of the image, I would suggest you to crop the image a day use it.
    Having said that, here are a few available methods for resizing the images -

    1. Online tools
    If you do not have any software installed, or do not want to install any of them, you can opt for the online tools available for the purpose. Just upload the image to the website, set the size you want to resize it to , follow on screen instructions and you will get the resized image ready for download. Some such sites are, and
    2. Using Paint
    Paint is the most powerful image editing software that comes with Microsoft Windows. Open the image in Paint. Go to Home tab,then to Image group and then to Resize . You will two options to reduce image size - by pixels and by percentage. You can choose either of them, but make sure you have kept Maintain Aspect Ratio option is checked. Once done, save your resized image by using Save As option.

    3.Using Picasa
    Open your image in Picasa. Click on Export button at the bottom. In the Export to window, slide the Resize to bar to the size you wish to.

    These are a few methods to resizing the images. There are many such options available over the Internet.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • In addition to the above methods there is also another cool application that can make your photos to your desired size.
    Follow the given guidelines:

    • Download and install the software called FormatFactory which is a free software.

    • Right click on the photo and select Send To and click on Format Factory.

    • Select the File Type and click on Settings.

    • In Operation section, set the size limit to whatever you need adjusting the Max Width and Max Height.

    • Click on OK.

    • Click on Start. The image will be converted and the new size will be applied to the image.

    • The output image will be by default stored in Documents/FFOutput/.

    I hope this will help you resize your photo.

  • You can experiment the size reduction in MS Paint.
    Normally .PNG file saves the file size for a same picture. You can see the results by experiment done to a given image by converting them to different file format by Saving As in MS Paint

    1. BMP - 955 kB
    2. Monochrome BMP - 41.3 kB
    3. JPEG - 21.7 kB
    4. PNG - 8.10 kB

    Thus, the conclusion is the extension of your resulting file decide the size. You have to compromise for size reduction.

    I have attached a parent file with .BMP extension, You can see by Saving As it in different format and see the file size.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)


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  • You can re size your photo by the Mobile camera. Go to mobile Camera setting And set your camera on 2 MP, 3MP or 5MP and then take photo You will receive lower size photo. Or one thing you can do for size reduce of photos. Copy your all photos on your Computer of Laptop and open photos in Microsoft office and then you can re size your photos. you can increase & decrease percentage.

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