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  • How to download Whatsapp on Micromax X084

    Want to install Whatsapp on your Micromax X084 smart phone? Find out whether or not this is possible.

    One of the senior family members in my family is having Micromax X084 mobile phone. Its a basic mobile phone and not a smartphone. I would like to know whether its possible to download Whatsapp on Micromax X084 or not. If its possible, please specify the complete step by step procedure to download and install it.
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  • The Micromax X084 has a proprietary operating system. It is a good phone under Rs.1000 only. This phone has many features like net browsing, camera, Bluetooth and lot more but this phone is not make for Whats app. I mean the whats app is not supported to Micromax X084.
    On this phone you can use Facebook or text message option for chating but the whats app is not compatible to Micromax X084.
    I hope the given information may help you.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot run WhatsApp in Micromax X084 since it does not supports Java.

  • WhatsApp will need Java to be able to be installed on your phone. Since Micromax X084 does not support Java, you cannot install WhatsApp on it.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Unfortunately only option you have is either use the webbased whatsapp or simply switch to the messenger which offers text messaging. So if you find that this mobile does not have the java. That means you can't use the whatsapp there. Also the usage of the browser is also not possible, if it is java based. So you have to use the web based version of whatsapp on the chrome or other browser. This way you can bypass the limitation of the phone.

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