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  • What is Google's Tone extension for Google Chrome browser?

    Recently heard about Google Tone extension for Chrome? Check out how this extension functions & know whether or not it is available for free.

    Recently I read about an announcement regarding new Chrome extension by Google. I have a query regarding this. What exactly is Google's Tone extension for Google Chrome browser? How does it work? Is there any payment requirement to buy or use it?
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  • What is Google Tone?
    Google Tone Extension has been released for Chrome by Google on an experimental basis. Once you add the extension and enable it, you will be able to share the URLs between the PCs by the beep emitted by the computer.

    How does it work?
    Once you install and enable the Google Tone, a blue colored tone button will appear in each of the tabs you have opened. You need to click on this button if you want to share the URL with another nearby PC. Make sure your speakers are on full volume. Based on the beep emitted by your PC, the PC in the vicinity will pick the URL and display it on the recipient's Chrome browser. The user who receive es it can click on it to open It. Please note that the recipient PC also needs to have the extension enabled on it to be able to pick the URL.
    The extension will depend on the audio quality of the speakers and the volume as well as the mic sensitivity of the recipient PC.

    As far as my info goes, the extension will not cost you anything. You can download it from Chrome app store and use it on your Chrome installation.

    Live....and Let Live!

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