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    Why does Chrome consume more RAM?

    Annoyed that Chrome uses up excessive RAM? Find out the possible reasons from the responses below.

    Google Chrome, though being used universally, has a tag of being a "RAM eater". I have found it to be true with my own experience. Are there any specific reasons why it does so?
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  • The reason why Chrome eats RAM is because it forks a new process each time a new tab is opened. That is another reason why it is faster. Firefox however spawns a new thread everytime you open a new tab. Here it uses the multithreading aspect of the processor (unlike chrome which depends on multiprocessing).

  • I fully agree with Muddassir Google Chrome is awarded as the fastest Internet Browser for all the Operating System but in latest 64-Bit PC's unused RAM is wasted RAM. Latest Processors and Motherboards occupy the RAM for later use means if you have free RAM then its wasted.

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