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    What are the online jobs for students to earn at spare times ?

    Online jobs are the first choice of students and housewives. Read this article to know what all types of online jobs are dominating the online market.

    Online jobs are gaining their popularity as they provides a financial freedom with flexibility of earning money at spare time. Nowadays, students are smarter in learning and doing the new challenging activities online. So what are the online jobs for students to earn at spare times ?
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  • Internet is filled with a lot of so called opportunities to earn money. But the tragedy is most of them are fake. You need to analyse the offers carefully before falling prey to them.
    A few of the options are

    1. Take online surveys
    Choose the one that has set itself a reliability standard. Earning from such sites is too minimal. Most of them need you to have a PayPal account.

    2. Blogging
    This one needs a lot of expertise. You can start a blog of your own with the topic you have mastery in. Write quality content. Avoid plagiarism. You can apply for Google Adsense account if you are able to get your blog going strong.

    3. Write content for Hubpages and other revenue sharing sites
    Hubpages is one of the most promising revenue sharing platform. If you are able to produce some really outstanding content, you can be a regular contributor to them. An excellent example of getting a good online income is this site -Techulator where you can get a decent income. You may also consider joining our sister concern- India Study channel .

    4. Online job platforms
    There are job platforms like and which list out online jobs. You can create a profile with the details of your competence and field of interest. Apply for the jobs that become available.

    5. Other options
    There are several online firms promising decent income from data entry, form filling, copywriting and such online mundane jobs. Sadly enough, most of them are fraud. Never ever go for a site that asks for a registration fee.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Everyone in their Student Life wants to earn money either to fulfill their desires or for some another cause. There are many option on Internet which can provide you decent amount of money from just working for some couple of hours. I would like to suggest my favorites here.

    1. Techulator :- This is the best place if you want to earn fast money like other platforms such as blogging you have to do hard work for about 3-4 Months for getting decent traffic and get Adsense approved and start earning from it but with Techulator you have to just post good article and your cash is on the way.

    2. Blogging :- If you have sufficient time to make money then go for this option get some money like Rs. 3,000 for buying domain and hosting. If you don't have investment work with my 1st option. Get a very good blog which is in demand if you want to get good traffic. Just after you get Adsense approved paste ads on your Blog and watch your earnings multiply. Don't stop to post good content which bring more traffiic. In Blogging there is only one formula for success.

    Traffic = Earning

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • Joining freelancer websites are good option to earn money. If you have skills like coding and designing then you can use the freelancing websites like - freelancer, upwork and elance. These are some good websites that you can use for earning money online. You can also get the connections from offline business as well. You have to build your portfolio and then slowly build your career. It takes time for establishing but it is possible.

  • Students can earn through these wats online :

    1. They can start blogging to earn money.

    2. They can can do freelance work on sites like Freelancer and Elance.

    3. They can write articles for revenue sharing sites like techulator, Hubpages, ISC etc.

    4. They can sell items on ebay and OLX.

    5. They can join paid survey sites like

    6. They can sell their skills on fiverr. For example, making logos, video intros etc.

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