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  • Google's Im2Calories calculate calories from food pictures

    Wondering how Google's Im2Calories will work to give calories information? Let our experts provide an explanation on how possibly it will provide calories calculations of food based on its image.

    As per recent technology news around, Google is projecting and about to release Im2Calories apps or software which can help the user to calculate calories from photos of foods. Any idea on how Im2Calories will work on nutritional information to give the better result? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Im2calories is believed to use a combination of image recognition and comparative analysis to identify different foods from the images. It will "measure" the depth of each pixel in the image and compare it with a huge database of nutritional information stored on the servers. It will also measure the size of the food by measuring it against the size of the plate.
    However, the recognition is not totally perfect as of now. It has been observed to go wrong by around 20%.

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