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  • Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker price

    Want to know the price of the new Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker? Find out its price as also where to purchase it online.

    The best audio listening experience is sought after by those who love music. Recently Bose has introduced the Mini Speaker Soundlink. I wish to know what is the price of Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker? Where we can get it or where it is available online? Is it better than any similar range competitor product?
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  • Do you mean Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker? If yes, it is available at Rs. 19393 on Amazon India. You will need to spend Rs. 300 on shipping. You may also get it for around Rs. 16000 across other online retailers.
    Other options include -

    1. JBL Charge at Rs. 9990

    2. F & D Swan at Rs. 3990

    3. Creative Airwave at Rs. 6999

    4. HDMX Jam Plus at Rs. 3990

    5. Sony SRS-BTV5 at Rs. 3990

    6. Jabra Solemate at Rs.10990

    Live....and Let Live!

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