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    Latest Notebook release from HP for gaming

    Searching for information on the new HP gaming laptops? Check out the details of the tech specs, price and launch date in India of the new HP Notebooks for gaming.

    I came across the latest technology news on release of HP Notebook series for gaming laptop viz. Omen, Spectra and Pavilion series. I would like to know the brief technical specifications of those laptops and when they would be available. Also, let me know the price ranges of those gaming laptops.
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  • HP omen laptop is one best gaming laptop now a days. After 3years, HP is re-entering the gaming-laptop with the omen.
    The price of omen is starting at $1,499.
    The HP came with the best designing laptop. HP really knows how to make a pretty piece of machinery! the omen stuns in jet-black machined aluminum, the notebook lid is wider than its base. The laptop undercarriage is just as visually interesting.The gleaming silver rod is stained blue on each end, like it's been kissed by the hottest hellfire.
    The omen has hype surroundings super-high-resolution screen, it has a 1920*1080-pixel panel. The omen is 15.6-inch 1080p touch-screen
    The omen laptop has the hottest hardware inside but works so simple and cooler. the best thing in this laptop is that it never get hot like other did when playing games.
    The webcam is also has a great quality of 1080p
    There are rear: four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port,a mini display port and jack for headphones and power all positioned between the glowing red vents.
    Gaming and graphic
    The HP Omen has Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU with 4Gb of VRAM
    The HP omen has 2.5-GHz Intel core i7-4710HQ CPU and 16GB of RAM.
    Battery life
    The HP notebook omen stays for 4hous and 6minutes on a test with web surfing over WiFi and 100nits of brightness.
    I hope the given information may help you.

  • HP recently launched Omen Laptop which is a good alternative of Alienware and others. It comes with very good sleek aluminium design which gives its user a premium look. For gaming HP added a very high resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel 15.6-inch Touch Screen Display. I think these were very good things in just a line. Now if we come to performance part which is the most crucial part of a gaming laptop then this Laptop won't disappoint you. HP Omen comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M 4GB Graphic Card empowered with 2.4-Ghz Intel core i7-4710HQ CPU and 16 GB of RAM my friend personally uses this Laptop and I used it for review too. This Laptop can easily play GTA 5 at ultra high graphics without even lagging and its future proof too. If you want to go for portable gaming then this Laptop can run for approximately 2-3 Hours at High Performance.

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