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  • Resolve problem of removal of all permissions for system even on C drive

    Worried about removal of all permissions for your PC system even on C drive? Get quick troubleshooting tips from experts on how to resolve this problem quickly and get back access.

    Whenever my friend tries to access something that needs administrators permission on his laptop running Windows 8.1, the message pop ups that "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." And when we open the security settings of c - drive it shows that :
    Principal - SYSTEM
    Access - Full Control
    Type - Deny

    Why it is so? How to solve it?
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  • The issue that you are facing can occur if any of the following things exist on your computer:

    • The file that you are trying to locate is not currently accessible because it is on a network location which is not working properly or because it is on an external hard drive which is not connected to your computer.
    • You may actually not have the permission to access the file concerned.

    • The file is not present on the location and has been moved elsewhere or deleted.

    • The file or shortcut is corrupt

    • Windows is blocking the file itself.

    • The Antivirus system that you are using is blocking your file.

    You must begin by checking if you actually have the permission to open the drive or the file. To check this, right click on the file/folder > Properties > Security Tab > Group or User Names. Find the list of the current users of the computer. Edit your user, and then choose the permissions you want. Click OK.

    You may also go about it by making sure that the location of the file available. Sometimes, you get this error because the shortcut or installation is attempting to access the location which is not currently available. Check the path to know if the location exists.

    To see if Windows is blocking the file, check the file's properties. If there is a note which says that the file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect your computer, click on properties > General Tab > click Unblock if you can use the option.

    To check if it's your antivirus software which is actually blocking your file, try disabling it for a while and try opening the file again.

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  • can't edit the user when ever i click on edit message pops up that "can't open access control. Access denied

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