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  • Will Microsoft Edge browser affect Google AdSense and other web ads services?

    Worried that the new Microsoft Edge browser may affect earnings from ad services? Know whether or not the new browser will affect AdSense and other ad services' earnings.

    Microsoft Edge browser is going to be a new and fresh experience for all Internet users. What I know is that Microsoft Edge browser is going to give us distraction free display for content reading. Does it mean that, to give content free reading environment, ads by Google and Info-links will have adverse effects?
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  • I don't think so because Bing Ads are run by the Microsoft. And if they only ban the Google adsense ads then that would be called monopoly by MS. So they don't want to do that if they don't want lawsuit from other ad agencies. As for distraction free display, they are making it free from pop-ups and all the menus and desktop taskbar. There are plenty of things going on with this browser. It is however a bit similar to Vivaldi browser.

  • Microsoft Edge Browser has a features namely Reading Mode. When a user enables this feature, Edge automatically blocks all the adverts from the page. This also includes Adsense ads. So yes, Edge Browser will affect the performance of Google Adsense and other Ad networks.

  • I think yes. As Edge disables the unwanted stuff from a website. Unwanted stuff includes ads. They have an ad blocker which enable user to read only content.

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