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  • Problem in connecting Sony HD-E1 USB 3.0 hard disk to Windows 7.0

    Having a problem of detection of Sony HD-E1 USB 3.0 hard disk on Windows 7.0 PC? Find out why this happens and how to resolve the problem.

    I have Sony HD-E1 USB 3.0 hard disk and it is working very well. The only problem I am facing with my USB 3.0 hard drive is that my Windows 7.0 OS does recognize it. When I switch the OS to Ubuntu 14.04, it successfully detects it. Even on other Windows OS it is very well detected but on my PC having Windows 7.0, it is facing some problem in detection.

    What could be the reason? How to fix it?
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  • You can try the below steps to solve the issue.

    1. In start menu search for cmd, right click and run as administrator.
    2. A black window will open. Copy and paste the below commands.

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1


    cd windows\system32

    start devmgmt.msc

    The last command will open device management window.

    3. In that window, select view -> Show hidden devices

    4. Expand all by pressing + symbol. You may find some greyed listing. If you find any right click and uninstall.

    5. Restart PC and try connecting your external HDD. It should detect your hard disk.

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