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  • The best blog platform for AdSense revenue generation

    WWant to know which is the best blogging platform to earn AdSense or other types of earnings? Check out the feedback and opinions provided at this Ask Expert page.

    Which one is the best blog platform for AdSense revenue generation? Is it Wordpress or Blogspot? Is there any other blog platform for getting Ads revenue other than considering domain, quality content, regular contribution and niche etc. Which one is better comparing Blogspot blog vs Wordpress blog for traffic and any ads revenue?
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  • Among the different platforms like blogspot, tumblr and WordPress, the WordPress is the best one for better ad revenue.

    1. You will have control over your blog. Using blogspot , you will or end up seeing your blog deleted for no fault of yours.

    2. WordPress offers better modes for search engine optimization.

    3. WordPress has better reputation than blogspot.

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  • Let me put this in simple words. If you are choosing a free blog, then I strongly suggest you to go for Blogger. The reason being that blogger is completely open source, that is, you can do anything with your blog if you have a good knowledge of programming. But WordPress free blogs prohibit its free users from accessing its core features and even prohibit them from changing the source codes. Moreover, free WordPress blogs are even not allowed to put any sort of ads even Google Adsense. They only allow users to show only their ads. But with blogger, you can put any sort of ads to it.

    But if you want to buy your own domain and hosting, then I strongly recommend you to install WordPress on your host. Now, you can use any sort of ads on this WordPress blog and you can even change its source codes according to your likings. Moreover, there are several WordPress plugins which will ease out your workload.

    Tip: If you want to rank your blog high in search results, then always try to write your own content. For example, you can simply research on your topic and then formulate your own ideas and create a unique piece for that topic. By writing unique content and applying some basic SEO techniques, you can easily rank your blog high in search engines.

    P.S.: Both Blogspot and Wordpress have good standings and you will never be penalized for your content in terms of SEO, provided you pay your prime attention towards your content rather then blindly keyword stuffing your posts.

  • eDomz is the best option for the publisher have blog with the low amount of trafic. In eDomz user have the option to apply for pop up ads as well as CPM .Payout of eDomz is as minimum as $5.User website and blog will get the responce within 24 hours. eDomz pay the amount based on the quility of traffic your website and blog generated through the content.On an average ,eDomz pay $3 for every 1000 impression.

  • Adsense revenue is mostly not based on the platform you working on. Instead, it is about the traffic, conversion etc. Whether you use blogger, wordpress, tumblr or any other platform the SEO will be the key.

    If you still asking for the best platform, I would suggest you to go for blogger. Blogger is free and very easy to use. Even a novice blogger can try with blogger to start his blogging career. Adsense account can be setup much easier with blogger, but with some limitations (Hosted account). also provides free account but have more limitations in design compared to blogger.

    If you like to pay some, then you can go for self-hosted were you can select from wide range of design and make an awesome looking site.

    So, if you're looking for a free site then go for blogger, which is simpler and more customizable comparing to wordpress.

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  • Blogger offers integration with Adsense if you have blog on the same account to that of email of the adsense you signed up with. So you can use blogger for quicker use.

    WordPress also has the plugins for adsense and you can use it for easy placement of ads within the themes. You can change the themes and still keep the ads.

    If you are using then you can't use adsense. So you have to use your own hosting. That being said, you can also consider using other hosting options like Squarespace, weebly and that would also be useful for using the adsense ads.

  • There are many CMS on the internet but I would suggest you to only go for Wordpress or Blogger.

    Blogger: - If you want to earn from a free blog then Blogger is made for you. It gives you unlimited bandwidth and Google's guaranty of 0 down-time. Apart from all these you get full control over theme codes. You can alter them any way you want. While making any blog on Blogger you get a free sub-domain ending with whereas you can use custom-domain as well.

    Wordpress: - It is said to be best CMS for your blog or website. It comes with thousands of theme and developers support. You get full control over you blog because it is hosted on your own hosting and works on your domain. Unlike Blogger your website/blog control panel is on whereas in Blogger you will need to go to and sign in with your Google Account.

    If you can invest small amount for your website/blog then I would strongly recommend you to go for Wordpress. But if you want to learn basics of blogging then I would recommend you to go for a domain and learn basics of blogging.

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