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  • How to earn money from

    Know how to start up at by creating a blog. Also know how to earn money from and what are the the different ways for earning from

    I want to how to earn money from so Ican earn a little bit from it.
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  • Making money by blogging needs a carefully planned topic. As they say " content is the king". Writing on a topic that interests you is the most best way to start writing on it. Make a list of all topics you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Narrow down this list keeping profitability.
    Check other blogs on selected topics. You will get an idea of what kind of content attracts more traffic.
    Now choose a blogging platform. It would be advisable to opt for a free service. Once you are confident you can opt for a custom domain.

    Keep updating your content regularly. This will help keeping your blog high in search results. Prefer original writing.

    Now comes the more important point of how to market your blog. Share your blog links to social media. But be sure to avoid looking like spamming. Go for paid ads if you are confident. Use as many keywords as you can, but make sure not to spamming. Keyword spamming is treated a taboo. Make sure you list your blog in the blog directories. Follow the related blogs and check if cross linking is possible.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • First sign up in the blogger website. Then follow the steps to set up the account. You will be asked for website title and web address. Then you need post contents in your website. The content should interest the audience. However the content should not be copied from other websites. It should be a genuine content. For example, you may encounter some error in your phone or computer and you might fixed by yourself with some magic steps. You can write about it in your blog. Suppose if I also encounter same error, I search in Google and land in your website.

    How I can earn?
    You need to sign up to Google Adsense website. There you need to mention your website. Adsense team will have look at your website. They check quality of your website. If it is good then they will approve.

    What after approval?
    Now open blogger website. In the side column you will find my earnings. There you will get option called show ads. Click on show ads radio button. Your website start to show ads. So whenever you gain visitors to the website you will earn money for it.

  • If you wanted to know how to earn money from then find some of the guideline below.

    1. Sign up with

    2. Try to understand by registering your blog name, header and going few templates given to choose

    3. Once created free blog, you may then use it to post the content based on your knowledge.

    4. You can design blog or add template per your knowledge

    5. Try to contribute one post daily with quality and own draft

    6. Do not violate blogger's policy

    7. Try to promote each post at social networking sites

    8. Wait for few months to become seniority of the blog

    9. Try to join with affiliate networks like eBay or Flipkart and display their ads on your blog

    10. Try to create separate 'page' in any social networking site and join any bloggers group.

    11. By completing the above steps and time, you will know the tips and trick to earn more online wisely.

    12. You may try to contribute in this site too beside personal blog, you may apply for AdSense once your blog completes three to six months with enough quality posts and regular traffic for it.


  • You can earn money from Blogger though these ways :

    Advertisement : You can show ads on you blog. Whenever, someone clicks on the ad, you will earn some money. You need to have a Google Adsense approved account for this purpose.

    Affiliate : You can review affiliate products on your blog. Whenever, someone buys a product though your affiliate link, you will earn money. Some affiliate networks are - Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, Share A Sale etc.

    Sponsored Review : If you have a popular blog, then can earn by writing sponsored reviews and posts. You can contact the app/product developer for this purpose.

  • Blogging is best online earning opIf you want to earn serious money online then Blogging is best solution. There are many bloggers who making great income from blogging. Earning from Blog is not as easy as it sounds. There are many CMS which helps you create your blog whereas Wordpress and Blogger are best. Wordpress needs investment because it is self-hosted and you will need to buy domain. Blogger is owned by Google and offered as free. You will get a free blogspot sub-domain, meanwhile you can also use custom domain instead of sub-domain. To earn money from your blog you will need to monetize it. These are some tips to monetize your blog: -

    Advertising: - It is said to best technique to earn from your blog. If you are a newbie in blogging then advertising will help you earn good amount of money from your blog based on your content and traffic. There are many advertising programs as well which pays good amount of money such as Adsense, Vigilink, etc. Apart from this you can also create a advertisement page and make people directly contact you.

    Affiliate: - If you want to earn really huge from your blog, then opt for Affiliate instead of any other technique to monetize your blog. Normally, in affiliate marketing you will get a percent of product's value from the seller. If you properly optimize your blog for affiliate marketing then no one can stop you from being a millionare. If you don't want to opt for manual method of affiliate marketing. Then signup for Viglink and add its script to your Blog. It normally almost every word in your content to a affiliate link and charges a small fees for all these

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  • There are many sites from which you can put their ads on your website.

    1. Google Adsense
    The best paying for bloggers. To put google ads, your site must be 6 months old, have some uniqueness and great content. It pays much better.

    It is developed by Yahoo. To get approved, your site should have great traffic may be 2000 or more in month.

    3. Infolinks
    I find it the best for new bloggers. Even if you have less traffic, Infolinks will get approved. There are many variety of ads to be displayed like intext ads, pop up and variety of it. If you are new to blogging, then refer this and make some earnings.

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