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    Is it safe to use DropBox to store important data?

    Are you worried about the security of data stored with DropBox? Many people are worried about the safety of the files stored in DropBox server. Read this thread to learn more about DropBox security features and how your data is protected.

    Recently one of my friend asked me to use his referral link and join DropBox. Even though I joined only to help him, I got used to DropBox pretty quickly and it is a very convenient way to backup our data free of cost. But my concern is, is it safe to store our important files in DropBox? Is there any security for such data? Can somebody hack the files in the DropBox server and steal our files?
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  • Yes, Google Drive and Dropbox are safe against any hacking activities. I am also user of Dropbox and I have also inquired about what you did just now. As per answers I got it is safe. You can use Dropbox without any worry.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Dropbox is secure to use and it is as safe as your mail id. Dropbox provides client software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and web browsers, as well as unofficial ports to Symbian, Windows Phone and MeeGo. Through Dropbox, you can easily access your important files and documents any where in the world through a click, so it is really helpful service.

  • DropBox is more secure from any ethical hacking. You can store and retrieve your data's safer in the DropBox. DropBox provides various applications for the users those who having account over it. They can utilize those applications as like they using their own system with MS Office, Browsers, etc. Most of my friends used DropBox for their personal use. They all said me it was safer and secure. They also asked me to join in the DropBox. So at my point, using DropBox is more secure and safer.

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    Drop box is very safe online store where you can save your data, The protection system of drop is like as Google and MSN, It fully protect user data and no one can break and security and access your personal files and folder. So trust on drop box and its security system. My most of friend are using Drop Box serveries and satisfied with their security system and they never complain against drop box.

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  • We have come a long way from storing our data in floppy disks, zip drivers, pen drives and flash drives to the new cloud technology and now to drop boxes. The cloud technology is not said to be without vulnerability when you have to store your personal sensitive data. However, it is safe enough to store your day to day work in the drop box. It is quite cheap way of storing your data since it is free up to 2 GB. However, there are several methods which the users adopt to increase their free space through referrals, games and various other methods. You need to pay nominal charges per month if you want to have a paid plan. It is about $10 a month for 50 GB and $20 a month for 100 GB etc. Backing up your files is so easy that it appears that you are saving them in a folder. If you have an internet connection, you can access your files from anywhere and from any computer through a web browser. The files you save in the drop box are stored at back-up servers. There is a facility to restore even the deleted files. Even the files can be restored to the previous version of the file. When you share your files with friends, they are automatically synchronized to each person when you make any changes in the files. In case you install the programme on different computers, the DropBox folder on each of these computers will be automatically synchronized when connected to internet. The 'public' folder of DropBox enables you to put your images, documents etc. and you will get a public link to these documents from anywhere. For the most of the users, DropBox is simple and sufficient to put their encrypted data in the box on internet. The operating systems like iOS for iPad or iPhone, Google Android etc have separate versions of DropBox programme. .

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  • Hello,
    Dropbox is very secure for storing and retrieving your important files. You can even share your stuffs with your friends. They just need to have dropbox installed in their PC or smartphone. Even I use dropbox to keep my syllabus and pictures. It's easily accessible with smartphone in your hand.Initially dropbox gives you 2 GB of space. One can increase the space on payment.
    Another alternate to Dropbox is Google Drive which is also obviously secured.
    For more on Dropbox refer the link below.


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